Variant Viruses Should Be Detected Before Spreading In The Community and Action Should Be Taken Quickly


Regarding the new variant virus threats, İzmir Medical Chamber and KLİMUD made a joint statement on the early diagnosis of the delta variant. In the statement, it was stated that “Early detection and rapid action should be taken before variant viruses spread in the community in the pandemic”.

After the delta variant became dominant in many countries and the number of cases increased again, the Izmir Medical Chamber and the Society for Clinical Microbiology Specialization (KLİMUD) made a joint statement on variant virus analysis and early diagnosis.

In the statement made, the importance of systematically performing virus genome analyzes is evident in these days when the SARS-CoV-2 delta variant poses a threat. Variant types that cause concern with their effects such as increased contagiousness, increased rate of severe disease, re-infection of those who have had COVID-19, and decreased effectiveness of vaccines can be investigated with RT-PCR tests specific to them.

With the effective dissemination of the use of the test initiated by the Ministry of Health in a way that can distinguish the delta variant, and the rapid sharing of the results in a systematic way, we will be able to have information about its rate in our society. Nucleic acid sequence analysis of the viral genome is required to search for all variants and to catch new variants.

Virus genome analysis should be performed from specific target groups, as well as the analysis of samples at a rate that will ensure representativeness among the positives. Within these target groups;

  • Those who have had COVID-19 and are reinfected,
  • Those who are infected despite being vaccinated
  • Uzamexternal infections,
  • Those who come from countries where variants are dominant,
  • There are clusters of cases that differ in the rate of transmission or clinically.

Virus genome analyzes to detect a variant that may pose a risk, to evaluate the epidemic and precautions zamIt is critical to be done immediately, to share the results quickly, to match them with epidemiological and clinical data, and to take precautions without widespread contamination. For this purpose, it is recommended to establish a national molecular surveillance network to use the capacity effectively.

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