The Development of Electronic Sports in Turkey

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Today, many young people follow the e-sports industry fondly. All young gamers dream of achieving a professional career in this field. Some are e-athletes, some are after being professional coaches. However, in our country, the e-sports sector sees very little value compared to other countries. Although young people want to achieve success in the field of e-sports, they try to pursue success abroad because there are not many possibilities in our country. As young players with dreams go abroad, the e-sports industry in our country continues to fail. Therefore, we are in a vicious circle.

Aware of this situation, Ege “Rio” YURTSEVER has embarked on major projects to develop Turkish e-sports. Since he is a former e-athlete, he has various ideas for the development of the e-sports sector in Turkey. Ege “Rio” YURTSEVER, who had to abandon his professional career dreams due to health problems, is doing a lot of work so that the dreams of others are not interrupted in this way. His most important action is to establish the TGL community.

What is Turkey Electronic Gaming League?

Turkey Electronic Gaming League, TGL in short, is a community established to be a place where e-sports and gaming enthusiasts can realize their dreams. The community includes people from all walks of life, including e-athletes, coaches and players. All these people have one thing in common: to make their dreams come true! Ege YURTSEVER Since he cannot run from his own dreams, he has now set the goal of realizing the dreams of others as his mission. in the TGL community It also serves a very good purpose, aiming to permanently change and develop the e-sports industry by coming together with people with dreams.

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How to Develop E-sports in Turkey?

Although the TGL team wants to develop e-sports, we have to say that they are on a very difficult path. However, they look very promising with their work. The innovations they have made in the tournaments and games they organize herald that they will be able to realize big projects in e-sports in the future. TGL, which has hosted major tournaments in PUBG Mobile, League of Legends and Among Us until now, aims to contribute greatly to the development of e-sports and e-athletes with different tournaments and leagues in the future.

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