Turkish Supermoto Championship Season to Be Opened in Uşak

supermoto season will open soon
supermoto season will open soon

Uşak will host the Turkish Supermoto Championship and Ohvale MiniGP Cup on July 10-11.

The opening races of the season in the Turkish Supermoto Championship will be held in Uşak on 10-11 July. There will also be great excitement in the Ohvale MiniGP Cup, in the first leg of the season to be organized at the Uşak Municipality Supermoto Track. The audience will share the excitement in the supermoto races, where the fiercest fights of motor sports will take place in the sharpest corners. In the Supermoto Championship, the racers will show their skills on the 1.370-metre-long track.

Athletes who will compete in the Ohvale MiniGP and Seniors Cup, organized by the EMC06 Uşak Motor Sports Club, will experience the excitement of racing for the first time. In the Ohvale MiniGP Cup, where the racers of the future will be trained, little athletes will display their skills at the Uşak Municipality Supermoto Track.

In the 1st leg of the Turkish Supermoto Championship, races will be held in the Supermoto Open, Supermoto S3, Junior 85cc, 65cc and 50cc classes. After the free practice on Saturday, July 10th, qualifying practice will begin. On Sunday, July 11, competitive races will start at the Uşak Municipality Supermoto Track.

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