Toyota Starts Production of New Yaris Cross B- SUV

toyota starts production of new race cross b suv
toyota starts production of new race cross b suv

Toyota has started production of its all-new city-style SUV, the Yaris Cross, at its factory in Valenciennes, France. Toyota invested 400 million Euros for the production of the vehicle, enabling the production of the 4th generation Yaris and the completely new Yaris Cross on the same line at the factory.

With the updates, the annual production capacity of Toyota's TMMF factory in France increased to 300 vehicles. With the production of Yaris Cross, the total number of employees at the Toyota factory in France reached approximately 5 thousand.

Yaris Cross, which is in the B-SUV segment, was designed and developed to meet all the expectations of users. As part of Toyota's electric vehicle sales plan for 2025 percent of total sales in 90, the new Yaris Cross will have a low CO2 emission hybrid version is also expected to be heavily preferred.

Yaris Cross, built on Toyota's GA-B platform, became the 8th model produced in Europe with TNGA architecture. The start of production, the same zamHe also underlines the progress of Toyota's localization strategy and increasing production capacity at the moment. The Yaris Cross model will be an important part of Toyota's growth target with 2025 million sales plans in Europe in 1.5.

Electric Motors to be Produced in Poland

As Toyota's vision of localization in Europe expands further this year, the Polish factory also started the production of hybrid transmissions and electric motors. 1.5 liter TNGA petrol and full hybrid power units for Toyota Yaris and Yaris Cross will be met here.

Toyota same zamAt the same time, in order to meet the increasing demand of the 2021 Car of the Year Yaris, it also made investments to increase the capacity and modernize the facility in its Czech factory.

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