Technological Step to Prevent Fraud in Engine Oils from TotalEnergies

Technological step to prevent counterfeiting in motor oils from totalenergies
Technological step to prevent counterfeiting in motor oils from totalenergies

Counterfeiting of engine oils has become a very common situation in recent years. There is an increase in the number of counterfeit products detected as a result of customer complaints from manufacturers. Counterfeit engine oils are very difficult to detect by end users due to the high similarity of their packaging to original engine oils. Due to the uncertain and uncontrolled contents of these fake engine oils, there is a risk that they will not fulfill their duties. TotalEnergies and ELF ensure the authenticity of the products with the secure QR code technology and special superseal lids they offer in their new packages.

TotalEnergies and ELF allow quick and easy authenticity checks thanks to the encrypted QR code with a hidden security layer, developed as a result of their efforts to prevent counterfeiting. With the QR code on the labels of TotalEnergies and ELF branded engine oils, end users will now be able to understand whether the product is original or not. For this, it is sufficient to download the “TotalEnergies ACF” mobile application free of charge from the Google Play Store or AppStore and to question its authenticity by scanning the QR code on the product label through the application. One of the most important features of the technology is that the physical hidden security layer integrated into the QR code cannot be copied.

TotalEnergies and ELF, same zamIt also offers users the convenience of being sure of the originality of the product with the improved cap technology that it currently uses in its packaging. The feature of high security “superseal” caps is that the seal is opened so that it cannot be used again when the sealed part called “superseal” at the bottom is pulled off after the product is opened. Thus, the malicious reuse of the original cans is prevented. “Superseal” caps are used in all products manufactured in Turkey.

In order to prevent the purchase of counterfeit products, TotalEnergies ensures that the end users procure the products from authorized service points, special service and spare parts sales points where authorized distributors distribute, TotalEnergies fuel stations or specialist service centers and ensure that the purchased products are original with the TotalEnergies ACF mobile application. recommends checking it out.

Fırat Dokur, Marketing and Technology Director of Total Turkey, said, “Imitation products in engine oils are a very common situation today. As a solution, we have developed QR code technology for services and end users, where they can easily query the authenticity of the products. same zamWe guarantee the authenticity of the products with the newly developed cover technology. In this way, we have taken a very big and effective step in preventing counterfeiting. For the first time, TotalEnergies and ELF started to use secure QR code application and high security “superseal” caps for authenticity control in the mineral oil industry. We are happy to state that we have brought an innovative solution to an important problem in the industry and provide great comfort and quality assurance to both car services and end users.”

The use of counterfeit oil brings many problems for the vehicle and its user.

Counterfeit engine oils, which do not have the appropriate technical specifications and the technology required by the equipment, can directly affect engine life by creating irreparable damage to all moving parts of the engine, especially cylinders and pistons.

In cases where the necessary additive package is not used, adequate cleaning and mechanical parts protection cannot be carried out, the soot formed in the engine cannot be cleaned and it sticks to the engine parts, disrupting the operation, incomplete lubrication due to unsuitable oil viscosity, exceeding the engine emission values ​​as a result of using products outside the standards and for this purpose, there is no room in the system. Problems such as the interruption of the functions of the filter, catalyst, etc., and their malfunction, are just some of the problems that may arise as a result of "use of counterfeit oil and unqualified products".

As such situations not only reduce the performance of the vehicle, but also cause damage to the environment with high emission rates, they can cause significant damage to the engine, the user, the environment and ultimately the national economy. Beyond these, adverse situations that may occur as a result of the use of counterfeit engine oils can present greater dangers such as accidents, explosions or fire that will threaten driving and human safety.

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