8 Behaviors That Prevent Drinking Water


Dr.Fevzi Özgönül gave important information about the subject. With the beginning of the summer months, the air temperature also increases. Our biggest problem is thirst, except we pay attention to our nutrition in hot weather. Most of our body is made up of water. Although this rate varies from person to person, age, body structure and being male or female, the rate is approximately between 55-65% in men and 50-60% in women. Water losses in the body can have very serious consequences. The loss of water is called dehydration in medicine.

8 Behaviors That Prevent Drinking Water

1. Drinking a lot of beverages such as tea and coffee. If we drink a lot of tea and coffee, we should make a rule for ourselves and not drink the second tea or coffee without drinking a glass of water after each tea or coffee we drink.

2. To host many guests. Since offering water to the guest is perceived as insulting him, even the guest who asks for water is forced to drink tea or coffee. Let's bring a glass of water for ourselves, for our house guest, along with our tea or coffee, and after taking a sip from the tea, let's continue to drink water and join the conversation.

3. Trying to drink it by adding lemon to the water, adding cinnamon or adding a scented plant to it and changing its taste. Forgetting the natural taste of water.

4. Believing that it is wrong to drink water during meals. If we want to consume liquid during the meal, let's try to prefer water. Thus, we can get more taste and flavor from the food.

5. Trying to drink 2 glasses of water on an empty stomach before eating in order to lose weight and becoming aversion to water. Let's not drink water right before the meal on an empty stomach, it can be drunk during the meal. Let's even drink liquid foods such as soup after the meal.

6. Eating a lot of fruit. Since fruits have plenty of liquid, they can secretly reduce our desire to drink water.

7. Trying to drink more water than necessary will reduce or even prevent our desire to drink water after a while. If our body does not want water, even if we drink 3 liters of water, we will not do it any favors. Just because we force it, we blunt his water cravings.

8. It is generally said that we should drink at least 2.5-3 liters of water a day. It is a very correct statement, but if we do not want to drink water, it is wrong to try to drink water without eliminating the reasons and without gaining our sense of thirst. Because it just makes you hate drinking water.

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