Last Minute: SSK, Bağ-Kur Retired and Civil Servant Zam Rate Has Been Determined

last minute civil servant and retiree zam rate has been determined
last minute civil servant and retiree zam rate has been determined

June and annual inflation figures, which millions of retirees and civil servants are eagerly waiting for, were announced by TUIK. Thus, civil servants, contracted personnel and pensioners will receive zam rates have also been determined.

The inflation figure concerns both retirees, civil servants and those who receive social assistance. Because the second of the year zamIs this based on inflation figures? With the announcement of the inflation figure by TUIK, pensioners and civil servants will receive zam rate has been determined. Inflation was 1,94 percent in June. Annual inflation was 17,53. 6-month inflation was determined as 8,45 percent.

New Zam Rate Has Been Determined

With the announcement of the new figure, the salary of 13 million retirees increased. 3,5 million civil servants received new salaries. The severance pay ceiling has risen. The old-age pension has increased. The home care salary has been renewed. Disability benefits have increased. Worker retirees increased by 8 percent from July. zam receivables.

Civil servants will receive an inflation difference of 5,45 percent in their salaries in July. 5.45 percent to civil servant pensions zam to do.

Minimum Civil Servant and Retirement Salary

Lowest civil servant salary new zamTogether with this, it was 4 thousand 330 liras. The lowest Bağ-kur tradesman pension was 2 thousand 350 liras. The lowest Bağkur agricultural pension was 860 liras. The lowest SSK pension was 2 thousand 624 liras.

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