Mercedes-Benz Turkish Truck R&D Teams Undertake Global Projects

mercedes benz turk truck R & D teams are signing global projects
mercedes benz turk truck R & D teams are signing global projects

Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck R&D teams continue their R&D and innovation studies without slowing down. Global successes are achieved with the R&D projects carried out at the Aksaray R&D Center, which was put into operation within the body of Mercedes-Benz Türk's R&D Center in Istanbul and Aksaray Truck Factory.

Tuba Cağaloğlu Mai, R&D Director of Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks, gave the following information on the subject: “Our Istanbul R&D Center performs the general vehicle concept, mechatronics, chassis, cabin and calculations for trucks. Due to our global additional responsibilities we have undertaken for the truck product group; Our Aksaray R&D Center, which was put into operation within our Aksaray Truck Factory with an investment of 2018 million Euros in 8,4, continues to be the only road test approval authority for Mercedes-Benz trucks all over the world. Our Istanbul R&D Center and Aksaray R&D Center, which have a very important position in the global network of our parent company Daimler AG, have competencies in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the responsibilities we have assumed, we are determining the future of Mercedes-Benz star trucks from Turkey thanks to the solutions and innovations we have developed, and we are also strengthening the position of both our country and Aksaray thanks to the engineering exports we have realized.”

Mercedes-Benz Türk signature on trucks specially developed for the South American market

Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team plays an active role in the important project carried out by Mercedes-Benz in Brazil with its global competence centers.

Mercedes-Benz manufactures special vehicles for the South American market in addition to its current product range at its factory in Brazil. Within the scope of this special project, Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team designs products suitable for the needs of the South American market, develops solutions and carries out very important studies in verifying them.

In this project, in which local suppliers in Brazil are at the forefront, Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team contributes significantly to the development of the supplier industry with its long years of experience.

The global solution for the Euro VI-E emission norm

The truck development activities in accordance with the Euro VI-E norm, in which the Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team continues its global project management, have come to an end. Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D team, which meets the legal regulations on exhaust and carbon dioxide emissions and aims to produce more environmentally friendly products in the commercial vehicle segment, has developed sub-scopes based on new generation catalysts by using the latest technology. These developed solutions will also serve global markets.

Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D Center, which develops trucks that comply with the Euro VI-E norm, which is planned to be produced and released to the global market in the third quarter of 2021, aims to prepare itself for high-level projects in the near future with its strong technological infrastructure and experienced engineering staff as well as its know-how. to be continued.

Safe journeys thanks to the active safety package

Another important project, the development and testing of which is carried out at Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck and Mercedes-Benz Türk Bus R&D Centers, is the “Active Safety Package”. Within the scope of this package, all trucks and buses will provide a safer driving experience for drivers and pedestrians, with active safety systems to be commissioned in 2024. With the general safety arrangement, a total of 7 active safety systems such as smart speed and lane tracking, blind spot information system, mobile pedestrian information system will be integrated into the truck and bus models within Daimler.

“Digital Twin” for each vehicle

Within the scope of digitalization strategies at Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck and Bus R&D Centers, an exact 3D digital model, namely “Digital Twin”, is created in the virtual environment of each vehicle that is developed and tested at all Daimler locations (Germany, Turkey, Brazil, China).

From the beginning of the design and concept studies of the vehicles to the transition to life, all engineering studies and controls are carried out primarily on these "Digital Twin" models. In this way, it is possible to detect, resolve and verify problems that may be encountered during the prototyping process.

In addition, before the physical test phase to analyze the usage effects that may occur during the life of the vehicles, these "Digital Twin" models are simulated and calculated under the same conditions, and play a role in reducing the costs of the physical tests to be made in the next stages.

New sensor technologies are being implemented for Onboard Weighing Systems

On-Board Weighing Systems; A system introduced to the member states of the European Union for the detection of overloaded vehicles or combinations of vehicles. Thanks to this system, wireless communication can be established with the vehicle, the total load of the vehicles can be determined without physical weighing, and it can be easily checked whether it exceeds the legally permitted loads.

The first stage of On-Board Weighing Systems, which will be implemented in two phases, was developed under the leadership of Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck Mechatronics team and was put into use primarily in vehicles sold to the European market. Within the framework of this project, many on-board weight measurement methods were developed and patented. As part of the second phase studies, the R&D team continues to develop a new control unit that will enable wireless secure communication between the vehicle and the trailer, and new sensor technologies that can measure the axle mass of vehicles with scissor suspension.

By means of this system, vehicle users will be able to load their vehicles more smoothly, within legal limits without weighing, prevent quality problems caused by overloading, and avoid being subject to penal action.

Contribution to driving comfort from Mercedes-Benz Türk Truck R&D team

Mercedes-Benz Türk Trucks R&D Center continues its efforts to increase driving comfort as well as all technological developments that make the life of the driver and passenger easier. The R&D team, together with the calculation and testing teams in Germany, is developing a comprehensive insulation concept that will further improve the acoustic comfort of trucks.

In the acoustic analysis, all the antecedent factors that increase the interior noise level in the cabin are evaluated. Among these factors, especially the external noise coming from outside the cabin and absorbed into the cabin, the sound level of the engine area and the acoustic vibrations of the body under dynamic conditions are analyzed by making measurements and simulations. Sound and noise sources are detected locally in different frequency ranges while driving, and then the required insulation concept is selected in accordance with the noise type and studied structurally. As a result of the study, it is aimed to achieve a noticeable improvement in all frequencies in the values ​​of "Hearing Index", which expresses the clarity of speech in the cabin, and "Sound Pressure Level", which is expressed in decibels.

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