Don't Take Risks While Buying a Used Car

Don't take risks when buying a used car.
Don't take risks when buying a used car.

The independent and impartial auto appraisal service, which is the most important factor when buying a used vehicle, plays a role in determining the sales price of the used vehicle, and is important for buyers to see the past and present condition of the vehicle they aspire to.

Unfortunately, it is not enough for vehicle owners to use vehicles cautiously, to be experienced drivers, or to have little use of the vehicle, to prevent accidents or even minor damage. According to the information obtained from the All Auto Services Federation; It is stated that there are approximately 2 million vehicles registered with heavy damage in traffic.

The Vehicle Information Given to the Buyer Is Quite Different From the Appraisal Report

Emre Büyükkalfa, CEO of TÜV SÜD Turkey, stated that there is a significant difference between the vehicle information obtained by the people who aspire to any vehicle and the vehicle information obtained during the inspection controls, and said, “We recommend the buyers to obtain expertise services from companies with service adequacy certificates so that they do not encounter undesirable situations.”

Problems such as Airbag, Engine Replacement and Assembling Parts Occur in Appraisal Controls

Emre Büyükkalfa, CEO of TÜV SÜD Turkey, “In some serious accidents, the airbags of the vehicles are opened and the seat belts go into active tension mode. If the relevant vehicle is repaired by an authorized repair service with original spare parts, there is no problem here. Since the parts are replaced with the originals by trained experts, if you examine the service history and detailed tram breakdown of the vehicle, you can see which parts have been changed here. However, if these parts are not replaced and repaired, things get a little more difficult. Non-standard repair methods cause the vehicle's security systems to malfunction or malfunction. These non-standard repairs endanger passenger and vehicle safety. It is possible to detect these repairs, albeit partially, by examining the front torpedo and steering section very carefully. In addition, we recommend a detailed service check by accessing the relevant parts and fault records during the OBD scan, informing that these parts are problematic. In addition, one of the few problems is trying to hide this situation by adding a contribution to the vehicle before the appraisal with engine failures and trying to sell it by making minor repairs in order to make serious problems pass through the appraisal,'' he said.

Finally, speaking about the grievances that may occur during the second-hand vehicle purchase and sale transactions, Büyükkalfa said: “In this period when the demands for the second-hand vehicle market are increasing, I recommend that the buyers take the vehicles they want to buy, to the appraisal centers that they trust and that have received the Service Adequacy Certificate from the TSE. . In this way, bad surprises that may be encountered in the next process will be prevented.”

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