2 Healthcare Workers Experience Violence Every 3 Hours


Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi, Deputy Chairman of the Republican People's Party and Deputy of Istanbul, stated that violence in health is increasing day by day and said, “In the White Code application, which started on June 1, 2012, a total of 01 thousand 2021 cases occurred until April 110, 475. Accordingly, 1083 healthcare workers per month, 36 per day, and 1,5 per hour were exposed to violence.”

Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi, Deputy Chairman of the CHP for Public Relations, Health, Culture and Arts, reminded that only the total number of white codes was given in the response to the Obtaining Information to Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, “We have asked the minister over the years to reveal the dimensions of the increase in violence. that. However, he was content with giving the total number.”

Akkuş İlgezdi from CHP stated that there is a need for serious sanctions for violence in health, “Today, quality has replaced quantity in healthcare services. It is not possible to talk about quality in a system where 5 minutes per examination is allocated. As a result, physicians became the main subject of anger and violence. Because patients do not find the bureaucrats who set up the system, but the physicians who have to apply it.”

The Parliamentary Research proposal submitted by Deputy Chairman Gamze Akkuş İlgezdi in October 2019 to investigate the violence against healthcare workers was also rejected by AKP votes.

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