HAVELSAN Delivered Command and Control System of Aydın Reis Submarine


Command and Control System developed by HAVELSAN was delivered to Gölcük Shipyard Command to be installed on Aydın Reis submarine.

The Submarine Command and Control System, integrated and tested by HAVELSAN, was delivered to Gölcük Shipyard Command to be installed on the fourth submarine Aydın Reis. The Defense Industry Presidency's official Twitter address said, "Within the scope of our New Type Submarine Project, the Command and Control System, which we developed for REIS Class submarines and which is the brain of the submarine, was delivered to Gölcük Shipyard Command to be installed on the 4th submarine, AYDIN ​​REİS." has been shared.

Reis Class Submarine Project (Type-214 TN)

Submarines referred to as Type-214TN (Turkish Navy) in the international literature were first named Djerba Class. After the revision process, they started to be called the Reis Class, which is today's name. 6 New Type submarines with Air Independent Propulsion System (AIP)zamIt is aimed to be built and supplied at Gölcük Shipyard Command with domestic contribution. The Reis class submarine supply project was initiated with the decision of the Defense Industry Executive Committee (SSİK) dated June 2005. The total cost of the project is expected to be approximately 2,2 billion Euros.

The first submarine of its class, TCG Pirireis (S-330), was lowered into the pool on 22 December 2019 with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Equipping activities of the TCG Piri Reis submarine will continue in the dock in the next phase and the submarine will enter the Naval Forces Command service in 2022 after the Factory Acceptance (FAT), Port Acceptance (HAT) and Sea Acceptance (SAT) Tests, respectively.

Information Distribution System from HAVELSAN to 6 Submarines

Submarine Information Distribution System (DBDS) productions carried out by HAVELSAN in November 2020 were successfully completed for 6 submarines. Within the scope of the project initiated by the Presidency of Defense Industries based on the needs of the Naval Forces Command, DBDS development for the first submarine was initiated in September 2011.

For the development, production and testing of DBDS systems, an average of 9 Hardware and Embedded Software Development team worked at HAVELSAN for 20 years. Following the successful completion of the final factory acceptance tests, the submarine information distribution systems of TCG Piri Reis, TCG Hızır Reis, TCG Murat Reis, TCG Aydın Reis, TCG Seydiali Reis and TCG Selman Reis submarines have been completed.

Source: defenceturk

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