Formula 1 Turkish Grand Prix 2021 Tickets Go On Sale Tomorrow

formula turkish grand prix tickets go on sale tomorrow
formula turkish grand prix tickets go on sale tomorrow

The highly anticipated Formula 1TM Tickets for the Turkish Grand Prix 2021 event go on sale tomorrow. Tickets with a wide price range, Formula 12.30 at Biletix as of 1 tomorrow.TM He will meet his fans. The event, which all race lovers count as days to be a live partner in this adrenaline-filled organization, will take place at Intercity Istanbul Park on October 1-2-3.

Formula 1, the world's largest motorsport organizationTM'The excited anticipation continues to increase for thousands of people who want to watch live. In 2020, the Turkish Grand Prix 9 event, which was brought back to our country by Intercity Istanbul Park after a 2020-year hiatus, was chosen as the most successful race of the year. Formula 1 this year tooTM The organization will be held in our country again on 1-3 October. World's 20 fastest drivers, Formula 1TM He will showcase his skills at Intercity Istanbul Park, in front of the eyes of his fans. For those who want to witness this excitement, tickets will be on sale at Biletix starting from 12.30 tomorrow. Tickets will be available to motorsport lovers at discounted prices until 31 July.

formula 1TM The category prices of the Turkish Grand Prix 2021 are as follows;

Ticket categories Campaign ticket prices Ticket prices after 31 July
Platinum (Main Grandstand) ₺3.300TL ₺4.125TL
Gold 1 (Main Grandstand 14th Bend Side) ₺2.600TL ₺3.250TL
Gold 2 (Main Grandstand 1th Bend Side)
Gold 3(Main Tribune Addition) ₺2.300TL ₺2.875TL
Gold On ₺2.000TL ₺2.500TL
Silver 1 (Turn 1) ₺1.500TL ₺1.875TL
Silver 2 ( Bend) ₺900TL ₺1.125TL
Silver 3 (6.7. Bend) ₺1.250TL ₺1.565TL
Silver 4 (Turn 8) ₺1.250TL ₺1.565TL
Silver 5 (Turn 9.10) ₺600TL ₺750TL
Silver 6 (Turn 9.10) ₺600TL ₺750TL
Silver 7 (Turn 12.13.14) ₺1.500TL ₺1.875TL
Silver 8 (Turn 12.13.14) ₺1.500TL ₺1.875TL
Silver 9 (Turn 11) ₺950TL ₺1190TL
General Admission (Open Space) ₺300TL ₺375TL

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