FEV Turkey Engineers Autonomize 100% Electric TRAGGER

fev turkey engineers autonomize electric tractor
fev turkey engineers autonomize electric tractor

The 100% electric new generation service vehicle TRAGGER, produced in Turkey, will become autonomous with smart vehicle functions to be developed by FEV Turkey engineers.

Vehicles, which are intended to transport goods and people in areas such as factories, warehouses, airports, campuses, and ports, and whose mass production continues, are produced at the Turkish start-up TRAGGER's facility in Bursa Hasanağa Organized Industrial Zone.

TRAGGER vehicles have a load carrying capacity of 700 kg and a towing capacity of 2 tons. The 17-meter-long TRAGGER, which has the ability to climb a 2.8% slope when loaded and has a turning circle of 3.1 meters, can travel in two different speed modes as fast and slow. While the vehicle's battery is 220% charged in 6 hours with 100V conventional mains current, the battery pack offers Quick-Drop feature for quick change.

With its reliable and stable infrastructure, power transmission, suspension, braking and steering system, TRAGGER Pro series vehicles, which are fully suitable for autonomous vehicles, have been equipped with control units that will run the necessary sensors and artificial intelligence codes by FEV Turkey.

After the prototype vehicle production, designed by TRAGGER and with drive by wire support, was delivered to FEV Turkey engineers for the installation and testing of the software that will provide autonomous features.

The most suitable sensor set designed by FEV Turkey as a result of engineering studies and simulating countless scenarios; It consists of 7 lidars, 1 radar and 1 camera. With these sensors, the vehicle can detect the surrounding environment 360 degrees, distinguish moving objects up to 80 meters and calculate the probability of collision. Thanks to its high-resolution camera and artificial intelligence-based image processing algorithms, it can distinguish between lanes, pedestrians or obstacles, allowing the vehicle to move more safely in a traffic environment where pedestrians are also present.

FEV Turkey Smart Vehicles Department Manager Dr. Selim Yannier stated that new technologies are rapidly changing mobility and that the elements of electrification, autonomy and connectivity come to the fore. He underlined that collecting the knowledge of the FEV Turkey team, which actively manages many projects in this field, on the TRAGGER vehicle will accelerate the R&D outputs.

The vehicle is not only for autonomy, but also zamIt can also be used as a driver assistance systems test platform. Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS), Stop-Go Assisted Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC Stop & Go), Lane Keeping Assistant (LKA), Blind Area Detection Function (BSD), Park Assist, developed by FEV Turkey and supplied to domestic and foreign manufacturers. Many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) such as Assistant (PA) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCW) are installed on the vehicle and are ready for tests. FEV Turkey, which produced 3 patents last year, will increase the safety of driver support systems thanks to these tests.

Autonomous driving tests are planned to be held in Bilişim Valley. Thanks to the software infrastructure and the connection module with the FEV design on it, the vehicle will be controlled over the internet network and the data will be collected in the cloud environment.

FEV Turkey General Manager Dr. Taner Göçmez stated that local and global automotive manufacturers have already developed autonomous driving functions for automobile, bus, truck and campus vehicle projects and now they will apply them to TRAGGER vehicles. Dr. Göçmez: “We are making transportation safer and easier in our 100% electric TRAGGER vehicle project, which we have implemented and developed with our experience in global projects to further advance our country's technology capabilities.” said.

TRAGGER Co-Founder Saffet Çakmak: “There is a great demand from abroad for the vehicles we produce in an environmentally friendly manner with advanced technology. We aim to increase our export target in 2022 by adding elements such as smart driving and virtual reality to existing vehicles.” used the phrases.

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