Legendary Car Peugeot 106 Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

Peugeot's legendary car celebrates its birthday
Peugeot's legendary car celebrates its birthday

Peugeot's model 106, which left its mark on a period and is described as legendary by automobile enthusiasts today, celebrates its 30th birthday this year. Launched in 1991, the PEUGEOT 106 had a significant production success of 2003 million units until 2,8, when it was put on the market. The PEUGEOT 106, besides being a popular city car, had an important sports career with its victories on rally tracks.

PEUGEOT's iconic car 106 is getting ready to celebrate its 30th anniversary this year. The model, which will turn 2021 in September 30, will be a young neo-classic worthy collector's car. As the first car of the 106th generation, the PEUGEOT 6 aimed to increase the brand's claim in the B-segment small city car market. This segment accounted for just over a third of sales in Europe and 40 percent of sales in France in those years.

Launched on September 12, 1991, the PEUGEOT 106 was first produced as a three-door model. The model was later produced as a five-door model from 1992 and produced approximately 2003 million units until 2,8, when it was discontinued. The PEUGEOT 106 was a front wheel drive car and was available with engines ranging from 954 to 1587 cc for petrol and 1360 to 1558 cc for diesel. The place of production was the Mulhouse factory, but depending on the demand, production was also carried out in the Sochaux and Aulnay-Sous-Bois factories.

“A sympathetic car that makes you feel at home in an unexpected way for its size”

PEUGEOT 106, on the date of its launch, told members of the press: “It is an extremely attractive and sympathetic car that makes people smile, brings surprises with its 3,56 meters length and makes you feel at home in a way that is not expected from its dimensions. “PEUGEOT is an elegant and seductive front-wheel drive car with a transverse engine, designed to be versatile, shaped for the city and developed for driving, with its know-how and tradition.” PEUGEOT 106 same zamAt the same time, the famous "A gentleman will do anything to borrow his wife's car" has also attracted attention with humorous advertising campaigns.

One of the PEUGEOT models with the most special series

The PEUGEOT 106 also became one of the PEUGEOT cars with the most special series, 12 during its 20 years of production. “Roland Garros” and “Zenith” presented in 1993, 1994 Kid with denim upholstery in 106, fun 1996 Cartoon presented between 1999 and 106 by Droopy, stylish “Inès de la Fressange” presented in 1997 or “Enfant Terrible” presented in 2000 were some of the most iconic.

Successful sporting career in Group N

The PEUGEOT 106 was a car that left its mark on the motor sports organizations of the period with its compact dimensions and strong character. It was also offered for sale in various sporty versions, including 1993 Rallye in 106, 1992 HP 95 XSI in 106, 1995 HP in 105 and 1996 S106 16 HP in 120. In addition, he had a successful sports career in the Group N class in rallies under the umbrella of PEUGEOT Sport. Inspired by the 1997 Maxi, the 306 Maxi was introduced in 106. Developed by Lionel Montagne since 1998 and driven by himself, the vehicle finished 2000th in the French Rally Championship in 5 under Cédric Robert's piloting.

World record in electric car sales

PEUGEOT 106 also achieved significant success with its electric version for a long time. PEUGEOT was at the forefront of the electric car, with the first VLV (electric city car) introduced in 1941. The PEUGEOT 106 came in second and continued to hold the world record for electric car sales until 2010. The electric version, which appeals to both individual and fleet customers, sold approximately 3 units.

PEUGEOT has announced that it will hold a special exhibition at the PEUGEOT Aventure Museum in Sochaux on the occasion of the 106th anniversary of its legendary model 30. In the exhibition that will continue until the end of 2021; 1994, including the 106 1992 Rallye (Italian version), the 106 1995 XSI, the 106 1997 Signature, the 106 16 S2002, the 106 1996 Enfant Terrible, the 106 1997 Electric, the 106 1992 Maxi and a 106 8 convertible prototype. model will be displayed.

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