Castrol Ford Team is Ready for the Hittite Rally with its Young and Promising Drivers

castrol ford team is ready for hitit rally with its young and promising pilots
castrol ford team is ready for hitit rally with its young and promising pilots

Hittite Rally, the second leg of Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship, will be held between 2-5 July this year after a 3-year hiatus.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey took part in the rally with a total length of 334,6 kilometers. zamAt the same time, he will be chasing points for the Turkish Historic Rally Championship and the Şevki Gökerman Rally Cup.

The teams, which will start in front of Bilkent Hotel on Saturday, July 3, at 12.00:17.30, will pass the stages of Güvenç, Uçarı and İnceğiz on the first day of the rally and complete the first day at 4. On Sunday, July 09.00, the teams will be in charge of the vehicles again as of 3 in the morning, and they will pass the same XNUMX special stages once again and complete the rally with the finishing ceremony and award ceremony at Bilkent Hotel.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey gets younger with every race

Ford's new 4WD rally car 'Fiesta Rally3' will start for the first time in Turkey to compete in the Hittite Rally. At the wheel of the car, young and promising Bursa pilot Erol Akbaş, who is just at the beginning of his rally career, will sit. Akbaş's co-pilot will be Egemen Dural, one of the young talents of Castrol Ford Team Turkey. Efehan Yazıcı, who was born in 1999, will be another new young pilot who will start the Hittite Rally in Castrol Ford Team Turkey, and his co-pilot will be Harun Arslan, who will participate in this race with the 'Ford Fiesta R2'.

Ali Emre Yılmaz, born in 1997, who will be the co-pilot of Emre Hasbay in the Hittite Rally, is among the newcomers to the Castrol Ford Team Turkey co-pilot team. Ali Türkkan, one of the young and star pilots of Castrol Ford Team Turkey, will benefit from the experience of experienced co-pilot Aras Dinçer, who will sit in the right seat in this race. Aras Dinçer, who started his co-pilot career in the Ford team in 1999, the year Ali Türkkan was born, will share his experiences with Ali Türkkan.

And Sunman, another young pilot of the Castrol Ford Team Turkey team who won the 'junior' championship twice, is among the names that will compete in both the youth and two-wheel drive championships with his Fiesta R2 rally car.

1974 Ford Escort MK2 will compete in Turkey Historic Rally Championship

Kemal Gamgam, a veteran of motorsports racing with the 32 Ford Escort MK1974 on behalf of Castrol Ford Team Turkey, will compete for the summit in the Turkey Historic Rally Championship in the Turkey Historic Rally Championship, where new cars and young pilots as well as cars over the age of 2 compete. Gamgam will chase points with the Ford Escort MK1979, the car that won Ford its first World Rally Championship in 2.

Castrol Ford Team Turkey, brands, and is aiming for the championship in two draws young people

Supported by young pilots in Europe and to move to a competitive level in the World Championship and again before unearned international championship in the Turkish rally acting with the aim to bring to Turkey Castrol Ford Team Turkey, this year with the new structuring, 2021 Turkey Rally Constructors Championship, 2021 Turkey Rally Young Pilots championship, 2021 Turkey Rally championship Truck of the two targets.

The only father and son drivers who won the Hittite Rally: Serdar – Murat Bostancı

Serdar and Murat Bostancı, who are the only father and son drivers to win the Hittite Rally, still maintain their title, while legendary rally driver Serdar Bostancı most recently won the Hittite Rally in 1996 with his Ford Escort RS Cosworth vehicle. His son Murat Bostancı won the Hittite Rally held in Çorum in 2016, exactly 20 years after his father, with his Ford Fiesta R5. Since the Hittite Rally has not been held again since then, Murat Bostancı remains the last winner of the Hittite Rally.

2021 Turkey Rally Championship Calendar:

  • 3-4 July Hittite Rally Ankara (Asphalt)
  • 7-8 August Green Bursa Rally (Asphalt)
  • 4-5 September Aegean Rally Denizli (Toprak)
  • 25-26 September Kocaeli Rally (Tolprak)
  • 23-24 October Istanbul Rally (Toprak)

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