Bornova Open Auto Market Opened Its Doors Again

Bornova open auto market has opened its doors again
Bornova open auto market has opened its doors again

Izmir's largest Auto Market "Bornova Open Auto Market" has opened its doors again within the scope of the new normalization. The auto market, which was re-activated as of July 4, will provide free service throughout July.

Last year, Bornova Mayor Dr. The Bornova Open Auto Market, which was organized by Mustafa İduğ and Otokent Chairman Feyzi Demir, was remembered with the sale of 1 vehicles in 19 hour on the day of its opening.

The market, which brings the buyer and seller together in a second-hand vehicle and is considered the address of a safe shopping, started its operations in January last year, but paused due to the restrictions that took place during the Covid19 pandemic process.

Izmir's largest with an area of ​​15 thousand square meters and a thousand vehicle capacity

Bornova Open Auto Market, which has been suspended within the scope of the pandemic measures experienced in the country, is established on an area of ​​15 thousand square meters under the Ring Road Bornova viaduct and has the title of the largest auto market in Izmir with a thousand vehicle capacity. Attracting attention with its sales volume when it was opened, the market provides easy access to its visitors as it is located at a central point.

The owner of the business, Hakan Beşyıldız, stated that they are happy to resume their services, which were interrupted due to the pandemic, and said, “Many businesses had to take a break from their activities due to the Covid19 pandemic, which is the nightmare of the whole world and deeply affected our country. Naturally, many sectors were also affected by this situation. We made the entrance to the Open Auto Market free for one month in order to support the car dealers a little during this difficult process. We have started operating in the same place again. Good luck to our Bornova.” Said.

Free throughout July

Ozkanlar Pazar Yeri ring road will serve under Bornova viaducts, on the market where the vehicle entrance fee will not be charged during July.

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