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Because gifts are such an important part of our lives, the choices we make are very important. Although we consider the tastes, dreams, wishes and expectations of the person in front of us when choosing a gift, the gift we choose also reflects a part of us. That's why we take care not to buy a random gift from our own selves, emotions and style. After all, we give gifts to our loved ones to explain ourselves in a way. As this explanation zamthe moment becomes the desire to please, who zamthe moment is the declaration of love. A gift also has such a beautiful feature that it makes us happy as much as the person we give it, maybe even more. Think about the gift you bought your mother with your first salary. You got the reward of your efforts and you got what he always wanted to get by earning with your own effort. Very proud for both parties. offers you the opportunity to get the experience together with the person you give it to, along with the happiness you feel from giving the gift with the experience gifts it offers. Experience gifts, that's zamIt is different from the gift concept we have been accustomed to until now and opens the doors of a unique world to you.

Unique experience recommendations

Experience gifts from offer you unforgettable moments, which are the most valuable facts in our lives. Let your loved ones experience the happiness of the exciting feeling of a beautiful event that you experience for the first time with bodo experiences! To your mother, on Mother's Day; to your father on Father's Day; on your spouse's wedding anniversary; on Valentine's Day to your lover; You can present unique gifts to your friends or siblings on their birthdays, New Year's Eve, Teacher's Day, that is, to those you care about who have a place in your life, on their most special days, with ''SPA and Massage'', ''Flights'', ''New Experience'', ''Activity'', ''Water Activities'', ''Techno'', ''Games and Parties'', '' Driving Experience", "Shooting Experience", "Adrenaline", "Romantic", "Holiday", "Food Workshops" whatever you want, bodo is also possible. Bodo offers the chance to present experience gifts in specially designed gift packages or as e-certificates. Moreover, in cases where you are undecided at bodo or you want the person to choose the gift, you have the chance to create 1 to 5 experiences and present them to your loved ones in these packages. Surprises never run out in Bodo!

Unique experience ideas

All over the city or even above, wherever you want to be, bodo there! "ATV Tour for Two", this experience that you can present to your lover or friend for their birthday will make you feel the vitality of life again! "Indian Head Massage on the Asian Side", you can give this massage, which will relieve your tension and relax your body, to your loved ones who you think need the most. 'Bath Day for Men' can be a wonderful surprise for your soon-to-be-married friend to relieve her pre-wedding stress. "Extreme Driving Experience with Your Own Vehicle", you can discover the most exciting aspects of driving here and apply it safely with the training you have received. ''Private Islands Sailing Cruise'' is a fascinating journey to the islands, the unique beauty of Istanbul, with your loved ones. "Meatball Making Lesson", cooking is an art, every art deserves a special education. Bodo surprises you!

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