Attention to Extreme Shyness in Children!


Specialist Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. Some of the children experience intense anxiety and uneasiness about entering a new environment or being alone in environments with unfamiliar individuals. In psychology, this situation is called “social anxiety”. Children with social anxiety act with an extreme sense of anxiety that goes beyond shyness. As a result, they are very afraid of embarrassing or being judged, especially in social situations.

What goes through the mind of an extremely shy and extremely shy child are thoughts of unworthiness about himself, such as "What if they make fun of me, or if they exclude me, or if they don't play me in their game". These thoughts increase in social environment and situations, and the child experiences intense anxiety and shows avoidance behaviors because of his anxiety. In other words, if you have a child who avoids turning on his camera in online classes, has difficulty telling the cashier when he buys the wrong product from the market, and is sweating while presenting the presentation on the board, your child may be experiencing a "social anxiety disorder".

If you say, "I have a child with social anxiety, then what can I do?" Your most effective approach is to expose your child to social situations frequently and have him face what he fears, but do it gradually, not all of a sudden. Give your child small responsibilities at the beginning, take them to the park more, make friends, buy bread from the grocery store, ask the waiter for a handkerchief… In other words, socialize your child more so that your child is not afraid of socializing and raises his sense of self. But above all, you protect your child from your own anxieties so that your child can develop self-confidence.

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