Suggestions to Save Fuel in Your Vehicle

Suggestions to save fuel in your vehicle
Suggestions to save fuel in your vehicle

Traveling by car, especially during summer and holiday periods, is most common. zamIt also comes with a serious financial burden. However, it is possible for vehicle owners to save fuel by taking some minor precautions. With its deep-rooted history of more than 150 years, Generali Sigorta shared suggestions that will both save fuel and enable you to travel more with less fuel.

Car maintenance zamdo it instantly

Some parts in the vehicle such as engine oil, air filter and spark plug directly affect fuel consumption. Therefore, in order to save fuel, the vehicle should be maintained regularly. On the other hand, the conditions of the route used should also be taken into account. By checking the air filter frequently on rough roads, fuel economy can be increased and the vehicle can last longer.

Pay attention to vehicle speed

One of the easiest and most practical ways to save fuel is to pay attention to vehicle speed. When the vehicle speed is increased or decreased more than necessary, the fuel is consumed faster than normal. At this point, the vehicle should be driven at an ideal speed, taking into account the road conditions.

Choosing quality fuel

Cheap fuel should not be preferred because of its cost. In the short run, the driver wins, but in the long run he loses. It should not be forgotten that using cheap and low quality fuels can damage the components of the vehicle.

Not using the air conditioner unnecessarily

air conditioner working zamthe vehicle engine consumes extra power and increases fuel consumption. Therefore, the use of air conditioning should be minimized or the air conditioner should be operated at low speed.

Checking the tires

Vehicle tires must be inflated with sufficient air pressure. The movement of tires that do not have enough pressure will cause the vehicle to exert more effort and consume fuel. Inflating vehicle tires to the dimensions specified by the manufacturer can provide significant fuel savings.

Do not brake suddenly

Sudden braking and maneuvers cause fuel to run out faster. To prevent this, gear shifts should be kept soft and the vehicle should be accelerated gradually.

lighten the vehicle

The increased weight of the vehicle hinders its mobility and causes more power consumption. By getting rid of unnecessary items in the vehicle, the service life of the vehicle can be increased and fuel savings can be achieved.

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