AirCar is in the Sky with Softtech Technology

in the sky with aircar softtech technology
in the sky with aircar softtech technology

The development of the flying car AirCar, whose first prototype and test flight was completed in February 2021, of which Softtech is a technology investor, continues. Softtech is developing the fully autonomous flight and artificial intelligence systems of the flying car with human resources and investment support. Designed as an electric and 100 percent autonomous vehicle, AirCar is expected to have a range of 80 kilometers with a single passenger capacity and 50 kilometers with a double passenger capacity.

Advances in technology are bringing the world closer to a future in which flying cars travel in the sky with each passing day. Turkey's leading technology company Softtech supports this exciting future with its technology partner AirCar.

In 2019, the first prototype of AirCar, the flying car, of which Softtech collaborated with software development, was completed. Softtech, which develops all autonomous system software of the flying car, from architectural fiction to R&D studies; takes place in all processes from systems to hardware integration. Softtech also provides support in the areas of AirCar's business model and market entry, investment planning and investor negotiations.

lost in urban transportation zamaims to give the moment back to users

An average of 97 hours a year are lost in traffic around the world. AirCar, on the other hand, is lost in urban transportation. zamIt aims to give the memory back to its users and contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions. AirCar, which was implemented to live in green cities, also stands out with the aim of making fast and air transportation a service that can be reached by everyone living in the city.

“We have invested in the future of the world”

Stating that more than 300 startups in the world are working on electric flying cars and 30 percent of them aim to start commercial air taxi service in the next five years, Softtech General Manager M. Murat Ertem said, “We are now very close to flying cars that seem like a dream.” Stating that the Softtech team works end-to-end in software, flight, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, in-vehicle communication as well as flight planning processes, Ertem said, “The world is rapidly moving towards a future where flying cars travel in the sky. We invested in the future of the world with AirCar. I believe that there is a unique experience opportunity for the team we created specifically for AirCar within the scope of our cooperation that started about 2 years ago.”

“Autonomous software and pilotless fully autonomous flight software are AirCar's most important strengths”

M. Murat Ertem stated that the increasing interest in flying car investments in Turkey is promising for our country to gain a competitive opportunity in the world market. “Being the implementer of pioneering technologies, supporting entrepreneurship and contributing to our country are among our primary goals. To life with the technologies we produce as Softtech zamOur aim, which is to create a moment, is also reflected in our cooperation with AirCar.” Ertem shared that they, as Softtech, are partners in AirCar's strategy of providing competitive advantage with autonomous software and pilotless full autonomous flight, and stated that the prototyping of all modules that enable the vehicle to fly autonomously between targeted take-off and landing notes and to protect itself from all dangers that may occur during this time has been completed.

“We aim to make AirCar a leading company in urban air transportation by using advanced software and hardware technologies”

AirCar Founder Eray Altunbozar stated that AirCar is an initiative established in 2017 to solve the traffic problem in cities by air; “We plan to solve the traffic problem in cities with two-seater, electric and autonomous flying cars. One of the most important parts of this system is the software. Our paths crossed with Softtech while we were looking for a team to develop AirCar's software in 2019. Our cooperation, which started with only personnel support in the first place, has reached the level of partnership today. We aim to develop AirCar with fully autonomous systems and make it a leading company in software and autonomous systems.”

A 2024-seater version will be produced in 4

AirCar, designed as an electric and 100 percent autonomous vehicle, will be an eight-propeller and two-passenger flying car. The curb weight of the vehicle, which can reach 50 kilometers with two passengers and 80 kilometers with one passenger, is 250 kilograms. It is aimed to produce cargo and air rescue vehicle versions of the vehicle, which will offer a carrying capacity of up to 450 kilograms with passengers, in 2023-2024. While the ready-to-fly vehicle is planned to be completed in the sky of Istanbul in 2025, the next target in AirCar is to start work on the 4-seater version of the flying car.

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