The Number of Women Working at OPET Stations Approached 3 Thousand

The number of female employees at opet stations approached one thousand
The Number of Women Working at OPET Stations Approached 3 Thousand

The Women's Power Project, carried out by OPET with the aim of contributing to the increase of women's employment in Turkey, is changing the face of the fuel distribution sector. With the understanding of "the profession has no gender", OPET offers employment opportunities to women in positions such as fuel sales officer, station manager and shift supervisor. states that they are happy to work in an industry known as men's business and to break prejudices.

OPET Arıcı Petrol, whose all employees are women on the Milas highway in the Söke district of Aydın, provides employment to a total of 9 women. Working with a team spirit at the station within the scope of OPET's Women's Power Project, 'Women's Forces' express that they are extremely happy to work in a sector known as men's work in society and to break prejudices. Of the female employees of Arıcı Petrol, 4 of whom are university graduates, 3 are high school graduates and the other 2 are high school graduates. Station owner Bülent Arıcı said, “Everywhere a woman's hand touches becomes beautiful. This station provides service with one hundred percent 'Women's Power'. I congratulate all our women's forces," she said. The station, which consists of 6 Fuel Sales Officers and 3 Grocery Sales Officers working at the pump in the field, and all female employees, is also appreciated by customers. Bülent Arıcı aims to realize this transformation in the station operated by OPET's other brand operating under the Sunpet brand.


The leader of the Women's Power Project, OPET Board Member Filiz Öztürk, OPET Deputy General Manager for Sales İrfan Özdemir, OPET Sales Director Denizhan Ege and OPET Dealer Communication Manager Gül Aslantepe visited Arıcı Petrol. Filiz Öztürk, who chatted with the Women's Forces and offered her thanks, said: “The active participation of women in the workforce makes a significant contribution to productivity. With our project, we observed a 4 percent increase in sales per pump at our stations where our female employees work. Likewise, there is a significant decrease in customer complaints at our stations with female employees. While increasing women's employment with our project, we also contribute to the Turkish economy. On the other hand, studies show that women have more say in the home and the income level of the family increases as they participate in the working life and have a regular income. Women's economic independence also reduces the risk of domestic violence, harassment, economic violence, early marriage and preterm birth. Keeping women out of working life limits their potential and prevents them from revealing their interests and talents. The more active and productive the woman in the society, the more developed that society will be.”


With the aim of contributing to the increase of women's employment in Turkey in 2018, OPET has signed an exemplary project that opens more work areas for women in the fuel sector, which is seen as a “men's job”. OPET pioneered a radical change in its sector with the Women's Power Project, which it started with the target of at least two women at each station. At the point reached as of today with the “Women Power” project, the number of female employees at OPET stations has doubled. At OPET, which employed approximately 1541 women at its stations in the first days of the project, the number of female employees at its stations is approaching 3 thousand in 3 years. On the other hand, 73 percent of the women working within the scope of the project are high school, undergraduate and graduate graduates. It is underlined that female employees have a very high chance of being promoted to positions such as shift supervisor and station manager.

With the project, OPET created a significant awareness in a short period of 3 years by showing that when women were given the opportunity in a male-dominated field, they achieved success. The next goal of the project, which is carried out with the support of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, the Energy Market Regulatory Board and İŞKUR, is to increase the number of women working at more than 1700 OPET stations throughout Turkey and to be a pump and a market at each OPET station. Employment of at least two female employees.

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