Katmerciler Signed for the Sale of 91,4 Million Dollars of HIZIR to Kenya

Katmerciler signed a contract with the Kenyan Ministry of Defense for a comprehensive package consisting of the armored combat vehicle HIZIR and its derivatives. The delivery of the vehicles within the scope of the agreement, which will be the company's highest export in a single item, will start in 2022 and will be completed in 2023.

Katmerciler, the dynamic and innovative power of the Turkish defense industry, has signed another large-scale agreement on the export of armored defense vehicles. Katmerciler, the owner of the most suitable offer in the armored vehicle procurement tender held in line with Kenya's military needs, signed a contract with the Kenyan Ministry of Defense.

The total amount of the package agreement, which consists of 118 vehicles of HIZIR and its derivatives, as well as spare parts and maintenance, is 91 million 415 thousand 182 dollars. Delivery of the vehicles will start in 2022 and will be completed in 2023. The agreement is Katmerciler's highest export agreement in a single item.

The 4×4 Tactical Wheeled Armored Combat Vehicle HIZIR, which is the strongest in its segment in our country, is effectively used in our country's domestic and international operations. It is an extremely powerful vehicle developed in NATO standards, which provides high protection against mines and hand-made explosives, is ballistically reinforced, has the ability to operate in urban and rural areas, in different climatic and terrain conditions. HIZIR's superior qualities and successful performance in operations have attracted the attention of foreign countries and paved the way for exports.

Katmerciler had announced the export of a 40 million Euro defense vehicle package, which was made to another African country earlier this year. These successive export moves make a significant contribution to the recognition of the Katmerciler brand and the recognition of HIZIR in the international arena.

Katmerci: Our Export Breakthrough Will Continue

Furkan Katmerci, Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board of Katmerciler, made a statement on the signing of the agreement with the Ministry of Defense of Kenya, and stated that the efforts for the export of defense vehicles are long-term and the success of Kenya is the product of a two-year effort. Emphasizing that the result in Kenya is important not only for Katmerciler but also for the international reputation of the Turkish defense industry, Katmerci said, "Our aim is to contribute to the export of our country, and to move forward confidently on the path of stable, sustainable, healthy and profitable growth with the support of our export successes as a company." Katmerci made the following comments in his statement:

“Consecutive export successes are a great source of morale for us. We are proud of both our company and our country. In 2020, we exported 273 million liras. The share of our export revenues in our total revenues reached 78 percent. We aim for more exports and more income in the coming years.

We continue to work for new exports in the field of defense industry. We would like to announce such good news more often in the coming period.

The defense sector is an area that requires a strategic view, patience and long-term effort. We develop our products ourselves in our own R&D Center, with our own engineers. More resources and resources for digital transformation, R&D projects and the design of new tools, strengthening the organizational structure. zamWe'll take a moment. Creating a healthy, stable and sustainable growth trend and making this growth trend profitable are among our top priorities.

The use of capital markets has increased in recent years. As Katmerciler, we will continue to use these markets. In this way, we will strengthen our financial position in the medium and long term and pave the way for healthier growth.”

HIZIR: The Strongest in Its Segment

HIZIR, which was launched by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the 2016rd High-Tech Port by MUSIAD fair held in November 3 and received great acclaim, stands out as the most powerful tactical wheeled armored combat vehicle with the highest engine power in its class in the Turkish defense industry.

The product of Turkish engineering, HIZIR stands out as an armored vehicle in 4×4 configuration, 400 horsepower, ballistically reinforced, highly maneuverable, providing high protection against mines and hand-made explosives.

HIZIR has been designed to perform well under intense conflict conditions in rural and urban areas. Developed in NATO standards and successfully passed all performance and explosion tests, the vehicle has been tested and approved by an independent test organization abroad, providing top-level protection against mines.

KHIDR is the same zamCurrently, it is a versatile, low-cost and easy-to-maintain platform vehicle for various configurations such as command control vehicle, CBRN vehicle, weapon carrier vehicle with easy integration of various weapon systems, ambulance vehicle, border security vehicle, reconnaissance vehicle and so on.

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