2021 Intercity Cup Continues Where It Left Off

intercity cup continues from where it left off
intercity cup continues from where it left off

Bringing the passion of racing to everyone from those with no experience in motor sports to professional racers, 2021 Intercity Cup continues from where it left off on Sunday, July 3th with its 4rd leg.

A total of 59 pilots will compete fiercely in the races to be organized by the Istanbul Park Sports Club. All races will be held at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the most exciting tracks in the world, which will host the Formula 1 organization on 3-1 October this year, after last year.

The scoreboard is starting to take shape

While the races in the first two legs of the event witnessed exciting moments, the score table of the 7-legged marathon started to take shape. In this context, after the first races in the Intercity Silver Cup, the pilot at the top got 55 points, while the pilot in the first place got 49 points in the Intercity Gold Cup and 106 points in the Intercity Platinum Cup. The third leg of the races will be held on Sunday, July 3, at Intercity Istanbul Park, where the heart of motor sports beats.

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