New Bigster Concept Opens New Horizons for the Dacia Brand

new bigster concept opens new horizons for dacia brand
new bigster concept opens new horizons for dacia brand

As part of the Renault Group's Renaulution strategy, Dacia has announced its 5-year plan. The brand, which has increased its efficiency and competitiveness with the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, will also go up in the product side. The introduction of the Bigster Concept opens up new horizons for Dacia in the C segment.

Denis Le Vot, CEO of Dacia and Lada brands, said: “The Dacia brand will continue to offer consumers vehicles that are reliable, authentic and have the best price-performance ratio. Thanks to the creation of the Dacia-Lada business unit, we will increase our productivity by using the CMF-B platform in production, while further increasing the competitiveness, quality and attractiveness of the product. Under the leadership of Bigster Concept, we will have everything we need to raise our brand perception even higher.”

An efficient business model that can adapt to all conditions

For the past 15 years, Dacia has been zammoment brought modern, simple and attractive vehicles to its users. Dacia takes firm steps forward, taking advantage of the know-how and the best technical solutions of the Renault Group and Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance.

Thanks to a smart distribution model, Dacia has reached 7 million sales to date. Today, Dacia, which has the best-selling models of its segment in some countries, serves in 44 countries. Sandero and Duster continue to be the best-selling car and SUV models in the retail market in Europe for years.

Capturing the pulse of its consumers, Dacia zammoment takes the right actions. In order to strengthen its position and meet the needs of consumers and the changing industry, the biggest leverages of the brand will be:

  • A smart approach to the cost of product development that draws on the Renault Group's experience and know-how.
  • Dacia & Lada business unit with technological support to increase synergy and improve
  • The new CMF-B production platform with a high price-performance ratio, allowing Dacia and Lada to switch from 4 platforms to 1 platform, from 18 chassis types to 11 chassis types.
  • Adapting to changing regulations and driving habits, zamThe flexible CMF-B platform that enables the production of alternative energy and hybrid engines at the same time.
  • A competitive product range with the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway to be launched this year, the Dacia Spring, Europe's most accessible electric vehicle, and 2025 new models scheduled to arrive by 3.
  • A more assertive position in the C segment with the support of Bigster Concept.

New Bigster Concept

Developed by staying true to the Dacia style, Bigster Concept winks at new horizons with its large interior volume, durability and identity created for pleasure in all kinds of road types. With a length of 4,6 meters, the Bigstar Concept continues Dacia's success in making the SUV segment accessible.

Dacia Design Director Alejandro Mesonero-Romanos said: “The Bigster Concept epitomizes the evolution of the brand: attractive, modern touches and an 'outdoor' spirit. At Dacia we believe that accessibility is by no means the opposite of attractiveness, and the Bigster Concept is the clearest proof of that.”

Dacia always takes the pulse of its customers. zamThe strong values ​​it creates, thanks to its ability to seize the moment and its success in fulfilling their demands, also permeate Bigster Concept's DNA: Simplicity, reliability and originality.

Bigster Concept's message is clear: Durable, robust and reassuring. Its generous exterior dimensions promise an extremely spacious living space in the interior as well. The light signature in the Y-shaped form, which increases in size, highlights its bold and assertive style. Its dark green color shows everyone the adventurer lying inside.

Bigster Concept, which is also a pioneer in environmental awareness, used recycled plastics in all exterior protective panels.

The fact that the Bigster Concept can be offered with both alternative energy and hybrid engines will enable Dacia to comply with changing regulations and respond perfectly to consumer expectations.

With the Bigster Concept, Dacia will continue to be a brand that offers its customers a unique, authentic and enjoyable experience.

With Bigster Concept, every zamDacia brand, which will offer more freedom of movement than before, will continue to focus on the basic needs and expectations of customers and to offer products with more attractive designs.

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