What is Investment Advisory and Legal Advisory?

investment regulations in turkey

The Turkish consultancy market started to grow from approximately 410 million dollars. Currently, the Turkish consulting market is one of the fastest growing sectors in Turkey with an average annual growth of 8%. Turkey, which is a developed country, is considered as a New Industrialized Country. Therefore, Turkey has an emerging market economy. With very high progress in the industrial sector, Turkey currently has a thriving economy and market that requires a large number of services from different sectors.

Since the Turkish consulting market is a niche, the same zamIt is one of the most profitable at the moment. For this reason, providing consultancy agency services Outlook Turkey It is in high demand in Turkey. It is a good investment opportunity to establish a business consulting company in Turkey.

Foreign investors wishing to start a consultancy business must comply with the rules applicable to businesses in other sectors. Also, no special license or permit is required to start such a business.

IT companies that can provide various consultancy services in the field of information technologies,
It is in high demand for foreign investors and business development companies who want to set up business in Turkey's private investment regions. Information about the types of business consulting companies is as follows:

  • IT Companies,
  • Business Development Companies in Free Zones,
  • Real Estate Consulting Companies,
  • Financial Advisory Companies,
  • Accounting and Audit Companies,
  • Legal Consulting Firms.

Virtual Office to Reduce Costs

The virtual office is the concept that offers the lowest waiting costs for corporate identities. It not only saves installation costs, but also zamNow you have a prestigious address for your company.

Setup costs and flat fees are a primary concern for every entrepreneur. However, Turkey offers exceptional promise in many fields of study, and meeting start-up fees and costs can be vital to earning the gold of the future. This is where virtual offices come into play. By combining all the office costs of the tenant under a single invoice, virtual offices also provide tax breaks and sustainable office services.

Legal fees are only one aspect of the issue. Security, ventilation and air conditioning, cleaning, basic hot drink services, reception, etc. All of the service fees involved will be included in your rent, which is probably at an address that gives you a prestige that your start-up can't possibly provide.

Legal Issues for Foreign Investors

The regulation regarding foreign investments was made with the Foreign Direct Investment Law No. 4875. With this law, Turkey's basic policy on foreign investments was established. With this regulation, it is aimed to encourage foreign direct investments, to protect the rights of foreign investors, to ensure compliance with international standards in investment and investor definitions, and to regulate the principles regarding the increase of foreign direct investments.

Foreign investor is defined in Article 2 of the Foreign Direct Investment Law. According to the article, the person making a foreign direct investment in Turkey is a foreign investor. However, these persons may consist of natural persons with foreign nationality, Turkish citizens residing abroad, legal persons established according to the laws of foreign countries and international organizations established according to the laws of foreign countries.

Foreign Investment

Foreign investment is by foreign investor,

1) brought from abroad;

– Cash capital in the form of convertible money traded by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey,

– Company securities (other than government bonds),

- Industrial and intellectual property rights,

- machinery and equipment,

2) Provided domestically;

- Profit, revenue, money receivable or other rights related to the investment with financial value used in the reinvestment,

- through economic assets such as rights to exploration and extraction of natural resources;

a) Establishing a new company or opening a branch,

b) It means to become a partner in an existing company through acquisition of shares other than stock exchanges or acquisitions that provide at least 10% of shares or voting rights from stock exchanges.

What are the Rights of Foreign Investors?

Foreign investors are free to make direct investments in Turkey and have the same conditions as domestic investors.

Net profit, dividends, sales, liquidation and compensation costs arising from the activities and transactions of these investors in Turkey, amounts to be paid in return for license, management and similar agreements, and foreign loan principal and interest payments can be sent abroad through banks or private financial institutions.

Foreign investors may apply to national or international arbitration or other dispute resolution methods, provided that the conditions in the relevant legislation are met and the parties are subject to the settlement of their disputes subject to private law.

Companies established under foreign law may open a liaison office, provided that they do not engage in commercial activities.

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