Turkey Supplied MK 2020 75 MM Sea Cannon from Australia in 76

The United Nations (UN) Conventional Arms Registry – According to the data announced by UNROCA, the Republic of Turkey supplied 2020 MK 1 75 mm naval gun from Australia in 76. According to the report, Turkey purchased the MK 75 76 mm naval gun through the Australian Military Sales Office. Royal Australian Navy Adelaide class, Oliver Hazard Perry class frigates essentially used the MK 75 76 mm naval gun on their frigates. After serving for a long time, 6 Adelaide class frigates in the Australian Navy were periodically removed from the inventory. The last two Adelaide-class frigates were sold to Chile in April 2020.

Whether the system in question, taken from Australia, is for urgent need or spare parts need etc. There is no official statement that it was supplied for It is known that similar purchases were made from other countries in the past.

Just like the Adelaide class, the Turkish Naval Forces inventory includes Gabya class frigates, which are essentially Oliver Hazard Perry class. The MK 75 76 mm naval gun is also used in Gabya class frigates.

MKEK Develops 76/62 mm Sea Cannon

In Turkey, the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) is developing a sea cannon for ships. The solution developed within the scope of the 76/62 mm Naval Gun Development Project will be used in medium and low tonnage ships in the Navy inventory. The Turkish Navy stands out as one of the navies using the 76 mm cannon the most. With the domestic development of this cannon, a significant amount of resources will remain in the country.

MKEK Sea Cannon

Italian OTO Melara (under Leonardo Group) 76 mm naval gun is used in the inventory of the Turkish Navy. The OTO Melara 76 mm naval gun is used in the Gabya class frigates, ADA class corvettes, and Rüzgar, Doğan class, Yıldız class and Kılıç class gunboats in the Turkish Naval Forces inventory. In the latest images, it was seen that 76 mm naval guns were added to the old ships, Burak class corvettes.

The 76 mm gun system produced by OTO Melara has 3 different versions: Compact, Super Rapid and Strales Systems. Turkish Navy ships mostly use the Compact model. The Super Rapid model is used in newly produced ships.

In addition, according to the information obtained by Defense Turk, studies on suitable ammunition for Sea Cannon are also carried out by MKEK.

The fire control system that can be used in this gun system is currently produced by ASELSAN. This system is used in ADA class corvettes produced within the scope of the MİLGEM Project. In addition, ASELSAN is developing a fire control system for a larger caliber 127 mm naval gun.

Source: Defense Turk

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