Toyota to Produce New A-Segment Model in Czechia

Toyota will produce the new A-segment model in the Czech Republic
Toyota will produce the new A-segment model in the Czech Republic

Toyota has announced that it will manufacture the new A-segment model at the “Toyota Motor Manufacturing Czech Republic” (TMMCZ) factory in Czechia. Thus; The second model using the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) architecture will be produced at the factory in Kolin.

In addition to the production of the new generation Toyota Yaris using the TNGA infrastructure at the factory in Czechia, the second A-segment model with the TNGA architecture using the GA-B platform will also be produced. Toyota's new A-segment model will be a European car in every respect, from development to production. This new model is the same zamAt the same time, it will also greatly contribute to Toyota's goal of reaching 2025 million annual sales by 1.5.

The A-segment model, which will be an important step in Toyota's growth in Europe, zamWith its positioning at the same time, it will be positioned at a point with a more accessible Toyota model identity. Sharing the same platform with Yaris and Yaris Cross, the model will also pave the way for reaching the economic scales required for an entry-segment model.

However, the new A-segment vehicle, production volume plans and launch zamwill be announced in the coming days.

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