Target Market Oriented E-Export Strategy Consultancy

Target Market Oriented E-Export Strategy Consultancy
Target Market Oriented E-Export Strategy Consultancy

İTKİB has paved the way for participating companies to receive Target Market-Oriented E-Export Strategy Consultancy within the scope of “Socks Exporters Promotion and Digital Transformation Project”. In order for the participating companies to gain competitive advantage in global markets and to achieve a sustainable export potential, E-Export Consultancy Magna Digital Marketing Agency, which provides services, allocated 2 consultants to each company and conducted many workshops with companies.

A lot about Digital Marketing an experienced digital marketing agency Magna started the process with a detailed training. Providing comprehensive training on digital dynamics to all participants, the agency included detailed market-specific analyzes, detailed analyzes such as the behavior habits of the target audience, the activities of competitors in global markets, and real examples throughout the training.

Afterwards, all participating companies received a very satisfying report in detail, ranging from the evaluation of their existing digital assets to market-based general visibility analyses, from SWOT analysis to identifying possible opportunities in target markets, from target audience analysis to competitor analysis. After the action plans presented to them within the scope of the 1st phase of the consultancy activity, the participants started to make their preparations for the 2nd phase.

As it is known, 24 exporters' unions operating in 61 different sectors in Turkey are organized in 13 general secretariats. ITKIB, one of these general secretariats, makes a very serious contribution to the Turkish economy by increasing, supporting and coordinating exports.

Taking part in the "Socks Exporters Promotion and Digital Transformation Project", Magna Digital Marketing has been providing services to many local and foreign institutions in web design, seo, content management, internet advertising and social media management since 2014.

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