mercedes benz june campaign offers special deals
German Car Brands

Mercedes-Benz June Campaign Offers Special Offers

Within the scope of the campaigns offered by Mercedes-Benz Financial Services in June, advantageous payment terms and favorable interest rates are offered for automobiles and light commercial vehicles. Mercedes-Benz Financial Services, in new car purchases for June [...]

russian to turkish translation

Russian Turkish Translation

Thanks to the Russian Turkish Translation services that will be carried out in a professional manner, you will be able to get results that suit your needs. We take steps so that you can benefit from translation services at the best prices. You can also follow our companies, in the language you want. [...]

Otokar Service Days Campaign Starts in June

Otokar Service Days Campaign Starts on 14 June

The countdown has begun for the highly anticipated 'Service Days' campaign of Turkey's leading automotive manufacturer, Otokar, by commercial vehicle owners. Within the scope of the campaign, which will start on June 14, commercial vehicle owners receive labor, spare parts, periodic [...]

Karting season opening in Tuzla in June

2021 Karting Season Opening in Tuzla on 5 June

The excitement of karting starts with the organization of Tuzla Motor Sports Club after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Karting excitement begins with the organization of Tuzla Motorsports Club after a long break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 2021 [...]

isbike cycling school comes to life

İsbike Cycling School Comes to Life

ISPARK opens the "Isbike Bicycle School", which will teach thousands of people to use bicycles, on June 3, which is declared as "World Bicycle Day". ISPARK, an organization of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), is an environmentally friendly and healthy transportation vehicle. [...]

Toyota summer service days campaign started

Toyota Summer Service Days Campaign Started

Toyota invites its users who want to enjoy the summer to the fullest with their well-maintained cars, to take advantage of the "Summer Service Days" campaign, which is full of advantages. For Toyota owners to have their vehicles serviced and spare parts replaced at a discount. [...]