MXGP of Turkey will be in Turkey on September 4-5

mxgp of turkey september in turkey
mxgp of turkey september in turkey

While the biggest events of sports tourism will be canceled one by one, the Turkey stage of the World Motocross Championship (MXGP) to be held in Afyonkarahisar under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey and Turkey MotoFest will not change.

The world is going through a big change due to the pandemic. As in many countries of the world, many events could not be held in Turkey for about 2 years. After the recent lockdown and the spread of the vaccine, step-by-step relief has begun. Recently, after the cancellation of the Champions League final to be held in Istanbul and then the announcement that the Turkish stage of Formula 1 was canceled, the Turkish stage of the World Motocross Championship (MXGP) to be held on September 4-5, 2021 and the Turkish stage on September 1-5, 2021 have been announced. It has been announced that Turkey MotoFest will be held in Turkey.

The race and festival, which is the future of motorcycle lovers from many parts of the world, to which young people and especially high-income groups show interest, became the hope of sports tourism. Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, the race, which will be attended by athletes and spectators from many parts of the world, is among the most watched events in 180 countries of the world. The television broadcasts of each stage of MXGP reach approximately 3.5 billion viewers.

100 out of every 15 vehicles are motorcycles

The motorcycle industry, which grows exponentially every year, makes a great contribution to the Turkish economy. The number of motorcycles, which accounts for 100 out of every 15 vehicles registered in Turkey, is increasing exponentially every year. With the increasing interest in mobility due to the pandemic, the giants of the motorcycle industry see Turkey as one of the leading markets. Many important motorcycle brands are working on production in Turkey.

MXGP of Turkey zamwill be done instantly

Pointing out that sports tourism has suffered great losses in the last 2 years in the world, Turkish Motorcycle Federation (TMF) Vice President Mahmut Nedim Akulke said, “In this period, while international sports races in Turkey were canceled one by one, we zamWe will organize our organization with the advantage of understanding. The best motocrossers of the world will come to Turkey. It is an indication of the strength of Turkey's motorcycle economy, which is growing faster in this pandemic, and its incredible potential in the field of sports tourism. Many more motorcycle races around the world are preparing to come to Turkey,” he said.

Motorcycle audience enlarges the supporting brand

Saying that the race and festival, which offers unique advantages for the sponsors, will increase the contribution of more than 5 billion liras to our country this year, Mustafa Özcan, the head of the sponsorship agency of MXGP of Turkey and Turkey MotoFest, said: “Brands show great interest in the race and the festival. Motorcycle enthusiasts are a special group that never forgets the investment and support made in the sector. The return on investment, incredible sense of belonging and brand loyalty to brands identified with motorcycles provides stronger returns than other areas. With the increasing importance of mobility, we see that brands are starting to invest more in the field of motorcycles.”

5 races in one weekend

The Turkish stage of the World Motocross Championship (MXGP), which will consist of 20 stages in total, will be held in Afyonkarahisar on 4-5 September 2021. The Turkish stage of 2 races, MXGP (World Motocross Championship), MX2 (World Junior Motocross Championship), MXWomen (World Women's Motocross Championship), MX5T and MXOPEN (European Motocross Championship), will be held at the same weekend. During the race week, which will offer a motocross feast for the spectators, Turkey MotoFest (Turkish Motorcycle Sports Festival) between 1-5 September 2021, concerts of the stars of Turkey, entertaining events that bring together different sports disciplines, caravans and campsites from many parts of the world and Turkey. It will bring people together.

Motorcycle factory kits are coming

The factory teams of the leading companies of the motorcycle participate in the Turkey stage of MXGP, one of the most important races in the world. MXGP, where factory teams of the world's leading motorcycle manufacturers such as Yamaha, KTM, Kawasaki, Husqvarna, Honda, GasGas, Beta compete, offers the opportunity to watch the world's motocross champions together.

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