Sheet Metal Cutting Ceremony Held in Pakistan for the 4th MİLGEM Corvette

Sheet Metal Cutting Ceremony was held at Karachi Shipyard for the 4th of MİLGEM corvettes exported to Pakistan by Turkey. The ceremony was attended by the Commander of the Pakistan Navy, Admiral Muhammed Amjad Khan Niyazi, and our subsidiary ASFAT A.Ş. General Manager Esad Akgün and other guests attended.

ASFAT A.S. In his speech at the ceremony, General Manager Esad Akgün stated that he feels like he is participating for the first time every time he attends the events related to the MİLGEM corvettes produced for Pakistan and that each event strengthens the bonds of brotherhood between the two countries. General Manager Akgün stated that they have strengthened this brotherhood with strong teamwork and cooperation and stated that 32 blocks have been completed in the MİLGEM project so far and they have been put on the sled. Esad Akgün stated that the 14 blocks, whose production has been completed, are waiting to be put on the sled, and that the construction of 38 blocks is continuing.


ASFAT A.S. General Manager Esad Akgün, despite the negative effects of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic, continued the project. zamHe pointed out that they did everything humanly possible to finish it instantly and within budget.

Expressing that they will see that their first ships will embrace the sea, Akgün said that in this way, Pakistan and Turkey will be able to embrace the sea. zamHe said that a strong message will be given to all friends, enemies and the world that we will act together at the moment.

Akgün stated that they do not see the Pakistani Armed Forces as different from the Turkish Armed Forces and noted that ASFAT will stand by them as long as Pakistan wishes.

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