Izmir Track Cup Begins

izmir track cup starts
izmir track cup starts

Organized by Ülkü Motorsports Club, the 2021 İzmir Track Cup starts with the first foot races to be held on Sunday, June 20. Same zamAt the weekend, when V2 Challenge races will be held at the same time, 15 athletes, 2 in the track cup and 13 in the V28 Challenge, will compete.

The organization, which will start with administrative and technical control between 09.00-10.00 hours, will continue with qualifying tours between 10.55-12.30. The first race of the V13.45 Challenge at 2, the first race of the track cup at 14.30, the second race of the V15.15 Challenge at 2 and the second race of the track cup at 16.00, the organization will end with the award ceremony at 17.00.

The races will be closed to the audience as part of the Covid-19 measures.

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