Intercity Cup Races Begin

intercity cup races begin
intercity cup races begin

Intercity 2021 Intercity Cup, which brings the passion of racing to everyone from those who have no experience in motorsports to professional racers, starts on June 2 with its 20nd leg.

A total of 59 pilots will compete fiercely in the races to be organized by the Istanbul Park Sports Club. All races will take place at Intercity Istanbul Park, one of the most exciting tracks in the world, which hosted the Formula 1 organization last year. Intercity Platinum Cup, Intercity Gold Cup and Intercity Silver Cup races, which will be organized according to different driving skills, will be held without spectators due to pandemic measures.

Race Fans Will Get Their Adrenaline

In the Intercity Silver Cup, where anyone with a passion for racing can compete, 24 pilots will compete in cars equipped with the highest level of safety equipment. Open to every amateur and experienced driver, the Intercity Gold Cup will be held with 160 horsepower Renault Megane cars and will host the competition of 25 pilots. The Intercity Platinum Cup, where the competition will take place at the highest level, will offer professional competition opportunities for experienced pilots. In the series, which will be organized using Caterham Super 7 racing cars, 10 speed-loving pilots will experience the fighting spirit to the fullest on one of the world's most enjoyable and difficult tracks.

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