Atak Helicopters Will Get to Know Friend and Foe with ASELSAN

ASELSAN product IFF Mod 5/S Responder device was integrated into the T129 Atak helicopter, and it was made ready for use after completing its tests. The T129 Atak helicopter, which is effectively used by the security forces, will recognize friend-enemy platforms with the device produced by ASELSAN.

The T129 ATAK helicopter was developed using national capabilities specific to Turkey in order to meet the attack helicopter needs of the Turkish Armed Forces. The performance of the T129 ATAK helicopter has been optimized for demanding hot weather high altitude missions, and it serves effectively in the operations of the Turkish Armed Forces with its high maneuverability and performance capability in day and night conditions.

Integration and tests of the ASELSAN product IFF Mod 5/S responder device, designed under the leadership of the Presidency of Defense Industries and used in various helicopters, airplanes, unmanned aerial vehicles and ships, into the T129 ATAK helicopter
completed and ready for use. The next ATAK deliveries will be made with our original product IFF Mod 5/S Responder device.

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