ASELSAN's 2023 Goals: Assistant Commander with Artificial Intelligence

ASELSAN General Manager Haluk Görgün gave information about ASELSAN's defense products that will enter the inventory after 2023.

Speaking at the "After 9 Defense and Space Technologies" event held within the scope of the 12rd Efficiency and Technology Fair held at the ATO Congresium on 2021-3 June 2023, ASELSAN General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün shared the defense products that are expected to be included in the inventory after 2023. prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün stated that as ASELSAN, they continue to work for the 100th anniversary of the republic by examining the developments in the field of defense technologies in the world in line with Turkey's needs. Haluk Gorgun,

“Many projects that I will talk about shortly will appear as systems that will strengthen our security forces after 2023. Our long-range regional air defense system SIPER project, which is closely followed by the public and many groups take responsibility for it, our top layer ballistic missile defense system development project, MMU project, National GPS satellite, our military radios communicating via the National satellite, artificial intelligence assistant commander, that is, using artificial intelligence. We can cite HİSAR-A, the autonomous air defense system, as examples of systems that can support soldiers in the field, countermeasures against biological attacks, autonomous land naval aircraft operating in swarms, and recently delivered critical technological products. Our communication equipment on the TÜRKSAT-6A satellite and our high-frequency shortcut rest systems, which we call caracal, are high-tech products that have been put into good practice.” dedicate.

Görgün stated that they continue to work on products that will be frequently observed on the battlefields in the future in the field of defense and weapon systems. “We have increased our activities in the field of precision guidance technology, which is important for the air force, and we are developing our products. We continue by breaking the speed and power range records of both our own and our country in every attempt we make on the electromagnetic launch system. We have also started to produce products for future technologies such as our directed RF energy weapons, directed infrared countermeasure systems, mobile laser systems.” made statements and stated that they are working on RF invisibility, infrared invisibility, acoustic invisibility, which are from different fields in invisibility technologies, which are of sensitive importance.

Space technologies and artificial intelligence

Görgün stated that they have also served in space technologies for many years, “ASELSAN is proudly trying to provide various communication systems, ground systems and terminal systems of our army. On January 24, we sent a cube satellite into space with Space-X's Falcon-9 rocket, and we gained a different historical experience here." made statements. prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün said that they have used and will continue to use artificial intelligence technology in many more future defense industry products, autonomous and robotic systems.

“We are trying to use artificial intelligence in the fields of war games, assistant commander, radars, command and control systems, and image processing for security systems, and we have started to use it. Our unmanned systems, radar and electronic radar systems, which will serve autonomously, especially swarm unmanned aerial vehicles, can be listed as products to be used with artificial intelligence. In addition, we continue to work on wearable technologies and sensors, outer armor and augmented reality as modern military complementary technologies.” made statements.

Source: defenceturk

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