ASELSAN Tufan Electromagnetic Cannon is Developing

Work with the TUFAN Electromagnetic Cannon System continues in the Electromagnetic Launch System Development Laboratory established in ASELSAN. Under the coordination of the Presidency of Defense Industries, ASELSAN continues its efforts to acquire the Electromagnetic Launch Technology, which stands out with its long range and high speed advantages, is considered as the weapon of the new century and will have a game-changing role.

Future Technology

Electromagnetic Launch (EMF) technology is defined as a groundbreaking technological field that creates an alternative to propulsion systems using rocket motors and weapon systems based on firing ammunition from the barrel using propellant gunpowder. Thanks to the use of EMF in the design of the weapon system, much higher muzzle velocities are provided compared to conventional barreled weapons, and ammunition can be delivered to much longer ranges.

Next Generation Weapon System

Thanks to the Electromagnetic Gun Systems (EMT) high ammunition energy and ammunition output speed of 2000-2500 m/s; It can be used as an artillery system that can be effective at distances over 300 km, as well as as an air defense weapon with a high level of effectiveness against current air threats.

Can Also Launch Airplane or Satellite

EMF technology, which is a technological alternative to launch applications using liquid or solid rocket fuel and applications that provide hydraulic or pneumatic propulsion, has the potential to be applied in areas such as torpedo launching and satellite launching, starting with the acceleration of aircraft for take-off (catapult) from aircraft carriers.

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