Discount Days on Auto Accessories!


Ranking first in Turkey in the car spare parts sector, AloPart shakes the market once again with its big discount! original spare parts, engine oil and auto accessories Up to 50% discount on your shopping is waiting for you, our valued visitors.

Who is

Aloparca, which set out with the sales store they established in Istanbul in 2012, is an e-commerce site that has been awarded the best e-commerce site of the year at the Golden Spider awards in 2015 by carrying its success in retailing to the online platform.

“Let the next part come to those who cannot find the spare part they are looking for.” With its slogan, it provides its visitors the opportunity to easily find the products they are looking for. every customer satisfaction zamWith its services such as order and cargo tracking, easy returns, support, assistance, blog, and practical maintenance robot, the company, which prioritizes the moment, is able to see what its customers want both during and after sales. zamthey are next to you whenever they want.

The site, which has many informative content in its system so that its visitors can find the right product they are looking for, provides the opportunity to make the most accurate shopping. Same zamIt also provides easy payment options to its customers, with payment methods of up to 9 installments and discounted prices of up to 50%. In line with all these opportunities it provides, it manages to make both new and permanent customers smile once again.

What are the Conditions to Benefit from the Discount?

The only condition to benefit from the discount is to shop online through the alo part website. In other words, it is enough for you to shop comfortably from your homes without getting tired. discount engine oil pricesThat's how easy it is to reach all kinds of original spare parts and auto accessories!

We invite you to the site to make the most reliable and most suitable shopping according to your needs, without missing the discounted prices. We wish you good shopping in advance.

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