ASELSAN's Summit in R&D 250 Research


Made by ASELSAN, Turkishtime Magazine “Turkey's 250 Companies with the Highest R&D Expenditures” According to the research, it was the company with the highest R&D spending in 2020.

In the "R&D 250, Turkey's Top R&D Spending Companies 2020" research conducted by Turkishtime, an Istanbul-based media company, ASELSAN has become the leader among the companies included in the research with a spending of 2020 billion 3 million TL in 356. Continuing to be the leader in the number of R&D projects by far, ASELSAN ranked first in the list with 749 R&D projects.

In terms of R&D employees, ASELSAN became the company that employed the most researchers with 2020 personnel in 5. ASELSAN spent 264 billion 2 million 975 thousand 377 TL on R&D last year. ASELSAN managed to increase its R&D investments by 381 million 2019 thousand 380 TL compared to 622.

ASELSAN continued its growth in the first quarter of 2021 as well

ASELSAN's first quarter financial results for 2021 have been announced. Despite the global economic contraction experienced during the pandemic, the company completed the period with stable growth and high profitability. ASELSAN's 3-month turnover grew by 22% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 3,2 billion TL.

While the gross profit of the company increased by 24% compared to the first quarter of the previous year; Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation and Taxes (EBITDA) increased by 23% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached TL 761 million. The EBITDA margin was 20%, exceeding the 22-24% range, which is the year-end projection of the company. ASELSAN's net profit increased by 34% compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 1,2 billion TL. The company's equity to assets ratio was 56%. The total of the balance orders was at the level of 9 billion dollars.

ASELSAN; It is known for developing critical technological capabilities with its own engineer staff, applying the most advanced technologies in its products, and regularly investing in sustainable R&D.

Source: defenceturk

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