A Commemoration Ceremony was Held at the Korea Park in Ankara on the 71st Anniversary of the Korean War


Won Ik Lee, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Ankara, Ankara Deputy Governor Ediz Driver, 4th Corps Commander Major General Ahmet Kurumahmut and other guests attended the ceremony held in Korea Park in Altındağ district.

At the ceremony where the opening speeches and wreath laying ceremony were held, the “Korean Peace Medal” was presented to Candan Özcan, the daughter of retired Korean Veteran Lieutenant Colonel Vahit Özkılavuz.

Ankara University student Elif Öykü Yücel was given a scholarship certificate by Ambassador Won Ik Lee, representing the educational aid project given to the grandchildren of 20 Korean Veterans by the Defense Attaché of the Republic of Korea Embassy in Ankara.

On the other hand, the opening of the 3D work representing the Demilitarized Zone was held by the Korean Cultural Center.

Won Ik Lee, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Ankara, said, “We thank the Turkish soldiers who helped us in the Korean War. zamI am grateful at the moment and I am aware that your help has a great impact on the basis of Korea's being a developed and successful country at the moment.” he said.

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