Is MKEK Specializing? What Will Be His New Status?


MKEK answered the questions asked in order to eliminate the information pollution about the institution in the public in the recent period.

The Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK) answered the questions asked in order to eliminate the information pollution in the public about the institution recently. In the statements published on its official Twitter account, MKEK answered the curious questions about the 'MKE AŞ' draft law. Among the questions asked; There were questions such as why the aforementioned legal regulation is needed, what is aimed with the draft law and what will be the new status of MKEK.

The statement made by MKEK is as follows:

It will be able to act with the dynamism of the private sector by further strengthening the possibilities and capabilities of the Machinery and Chemical Industry Institution, develop and produce modern ammunition, weapons and systems by following the developing technologies in the sector with its strategic and qualified personnel, have competitive competence abroad, and will not be affected by economic and structural changes, It has become a necessity to become an organization that can continue its activities without the need for treasury support.

With the Draft Law on the establishment of MKE A.Ş.;

  • All of its capital goes to the Treasury,
  • Management, representation, control rights and powers belong to the Ministry of National Defense,
  • Without the dismissal of any personnel working within the institution and by protecting all financial and social rights of the personnel,
  • It is aimed to transform into a public company subject to private law provisions.

Thus, under the Ministry of National Defense, the existing position and competency of the Institution will be preserved, and it will have a structure that is more flexible than SEE (Public Economic Enterprise) status, acts with the dynamism of the private sector, has a high product variety and quality, and has competitive competence.

“MKEK never privatizes”

MKE Institution never privatizes. On the contrary, with this law, MKE is transforming from the status of an SEE under the pressure of privatization to a public company whose rights and responsibilities are guaranteed by a special law.

Machinery and Chemical Industry Joint Stock Company in new condition; As a public company subject to the provisions of private law, whose entire capital belongs to the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, and the management and supervision authority of the Ministry of National Defense, it will be under the protection and supervision of the state, and thus it will continue to continue its activities by getting stronger.

All movable and immovable properties, debts, receivables, real, intellectual and industrial property rights and obligations of MKE Institution and all contracts in force on the date of transfer will be transferred to MKE A.Ş.


Answers to other questions about the institution and employees were also included in the statement. Other questions and answers in the statement are as follows:

MKE A.S. Does it fall outside the scope of public scrutiny?

NO, on the contrary, public audits, primarily those of the Court of Accounts and the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, will continue, and the Company will also be audited by independent audit firms under the Turkish Commercial Code.

Control mechanisms:

  1. Audit of the Turkish Court of Accounts and Parliament
  2. Inspector(s) appointed by the Ministry of National Defense
  3. independent audit firm
  4. internal audit unit
  5. Audits arising from the relevant legislation of the Ministry of Treasury and Finance

MKE A.S. What powers and exceptions/exemptions will it have?

MKE A.S. It will have all the existing exemptions and exemptions in the same way, as well as the exceptions and exemptions that other companies operating in the defense industry in the world have.

What will be the status of civil servants and contracted personnel working in MKE Institution?

Contracts will be offered to all personnel (civil servants, contracted personnel) working in accordance with Schedule (399) and (II) of Decree Law No. 1 without any discrimination. Those who agree to sign a contract will be employed subject to the Labor Law No. 4857; Those who want to transfer to other public institutions and organizations will be given the opportunity to transfer to other public institutions and organizations by protecting all personal rights. This process will be completed within 6 months.

Among the personnel subject to the Decree Law No. 399, those who started work before 2008 and signed a contract to work at MKE A.Ş., within 90 days from the date of their transition to worker status, within the scope of the Pension Fund Law No. 5434 or the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law No. 5510. will choose to continue working within the scope of In this way, the retirement rights of the personnel will be preserved by leaving them to choice. Personnel who started working after 2008 will have the right to retirement within the scope of Law No. 5510.

What will be the situation of the workers working in the MKE Institution?

Subject to the Law No. 4857, all personnel working in the status of worker will be offered a contract without any discrimination. Workers who agree to sign a contract will continue to work at MKE A.Ş. with all the rights they have in the collective bargaining agreement.

Among these personnel, those who want to work in institutions within the staff and organizations of the Ministry of National Defense will be provided with the opportunity to work in appropriate positions and positions in institutions affiliated to the Ministry of National Defense, by protecting all their personal rights.

What will happen to the contract workers?

In MKE Institution, services are procured from different companies in cleaning, security, loading/evacuation and transportation services. The scope and duration of the contracts made with these companies are different, and MKE A.Ş. In the Law, it is not possible to make a regulation regarding the workers in the companies from which service is purchased. They will continue to work without any loss with their existing contracts and rights.

Will the contracts be permanent for the personnel who will continue to work at MKE A.Ş.?

An indefinite employment contract will be signed with all existing personnel who agree to work at MKE A.Ş. With this arrangement, job security will be provided as in other public companies.

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