Uric Acid Cleansing Tasseled Apple Tea Recipe


Dr. Fevzi Özgönül gave information on the subject. sneaky enemy Uric acid Let's sweep the height from our body with tasseled apple tea.

Uric acid elevation is a common condition, especially in people with weight problems. In recent scientific studies, other causes of uric acid elevation, which was seen as a disease rich in the past, have been identified.

It was determined that people who consume a lot of meat, as well as those who consume too much fruit sugar, ie fructose. Even baklava, kadayif, and milk desserts made with corn syrup, namely fructose syrup, which is preferred by many dessert producers because it is cheaper than regular sugar, can be seen as triggers of hyper uricemia.

High uric acid causes the disease that we call gout disease most innocently. Uric acid crystals accumulating in the joints cause a swelling that evokes pain, most commonly in the big toe. This pain is so intense that it wakes you from sleep. Even the touch of the quilt on this area causes great pain. It's the same thing zamAt the same time, it also occurs in large joints such as knees and elbows, causing swelling and deformity. Elevated uric acid also causes kidney stones and may even lead to kidney failure in the future.

How do we protect our body?

Uric Acid and Urea Reducing Plants;

  • Green beans, artichokes, yogurt, buttermilk reduce uric acid levels. Taking plenty of vitamin C also increases uric acid excretion in urine. If we are experiencing weight problems, we must lose weight because weight problems are also factors that increase uric acid levels.
  • We should drink plenty of water at least 10-15 glasses a day
  • We will stay away from meat and meat offal and seafood for a while.
  • During this period, we should not consume cauliflower, mushrooms and spinach.
  • We should not consume cola and similar drinks made from corn syrup for a while.
  • Now, a tea recipe that sweeps and removes uric acid from the body.

Tasseled Apple Tea

  • 1 pinch of corn tassel.
  • 1 apple peel
  • 2 sprigs of rosemary
  • 1 thin slice of lemon with zest

Let's throw it in ½ liter of boiled water that has waited for 1 minute and wait for 20 minutes, then drink it with pleasure. Drinking 1 glass of this tea every day between morning and noon or between noon and evening and paying attention to the foods I mentioned above will end our uric acid nightmare that we experience due to abundant meat on the feast of sacrifice.

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