TOSFED Responds to Intercity Istanbul Park's Role Playing Allegations

tosfed intercity responded to the allegations of playing the role of istanbul park
tosfed intercity responded to the allegations of playing the role of istanbul park

The Turkish Automobile Sports Federation responded to the latest statement by the organizer of the Turkish GP, Intercity Istanbul Park management.

In the statement published yesterday, Intercity issued a message of thanks to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his words about the realization of the 2020 Turkish GP, and then, the statements of TOSFED, from which they received service for a fee, were harsh and TOSFED was "stealing a role". had accused him. TOSFED made a statement in response to the allegations after Intercity's statement yesterday.

TOSFED's response regarding the accusations is as follows; “After sharing our gratitude for a comment made by our President, as a federation affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, which undertook the sportive management of the Formula 1 DHL Turkish GP 2020 organization, on the social media accounts of the company operating the track. The obligation to respond to them has arisen due to the posts made in an extremely disrespectful manner, which we greet with astonishment and regret, we could not understand why they were uncomfortable, and directly targeted the legal personality of the Turkish Automobile Sports Federation - TOSFED.

For this reason, we present our information below to the appreciation and evaluation of the respected public:

TOSFED's approach to the Formula 1 Turkish GP organization, just like it was in the period between 2005-2011, is only to take all the responsibility necessary for successfully organizing this race, on behalf of our country, according to the sporting rules of the International Automobile Federation - FIA. it consists of being directed and managed in a sportive sense.

In this context, upon a statement made by the manager of the company that runs the track before the last year's race, published in a national newspaper and in which TOSFED's role and responsibility were totally distorted; The important role played by TOSFED in the process of bringing the 2020 Formula 1 Turkish GP to our country was declared to the track operator in writing, precisely and clearly by the FIA ​​General Secretariat, in a letter also in the archive of our federation, and their unfounded declarations were condemned by the FIA.

The sportive organization of Formula 89 DHL Turkey GP 1, which was held for the first time after nine years and watched by approximately 2020 million spectators all over the world, was undertaken by TOSFED with great success thanks to the superior efforts and efforts of its staff of approximately 850 staff, and this success FIA President Mr. It was confirmed by a letter of thanks from Jean Todt to our federation.

On the other hand, in the statement made by the operating company on 20 May 2021, TOSFED was mentioned as 'one of the institutions that only contribute to the race in a sportive sense and we receive service for a fee'. Contrary to the perception that the operating company is trying to create, TOSFED, besides being affiliated with the Ministry of Youth and Sports, is the sole representative of the FIA ​​in our country and is the sole authorized institution recognized by the Turkish GP. Therefore, the work whose value is intended to be reduced as 'sportive contribution' is to organize the race, which is broadcast live all over the world in terms of sports. Contrary to the desired perception, the track management has no role or contribution in the sporty side of Formula 1 racing other than preparing the track with all the required vehicles and equipment according to FIA rules and delivering them to TOSFED and FIA.

The 'fee' mentioned in the statement made by the operating company, which even incorrectly spelled the name of the federation it is subject to in terms of sports, to organize the Formula 1 race is the 'ASN (National Sports Authority)' fee paid to our federation for the sportive organization of the race, just as it was between 2005-2011.

The operating company, which has made an unfounded and groundless claim that 'TOSFED is doing unfairly to all institutions that contributed to the organization of the race and that it is trying to build on the efforts of other institutions and persons, disregards the efforts' It is significant that he did not mention the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Youth and Sports in his 'Thank You' statement afterwards and it is a great example in terms of 'disregarding the efforts' that cannot be explained by mistake or forgetfulness. TOSFED, on the contrary, after the race, every zamAs at the moment, he thanked all the official institutions he worked with. TOSFED is not established in the race 'in the words of the operator'; on the contrary, it is the sole authority and authority of the race in terms of sports, together with all its officials.

On the other hand, in order to highlight itself in every statement, the operating organization claiming that it has carried out the Formula 1 race "without creating any financial burden on our state"; Contrary to what he said, it is known to the public that the asphalt of the runway was renewed by our state and that the maintenance, repair, tribune and landscape arrangements of the facility were also made by using public facilities.

The same operating organization accusing TOSFED of 'role playing', zamThe facility investment was made by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, the Istanbul Special Provincial Administration and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, belonging first to our country and then to our distinguished city, Istanbul, with the order of our President, who is the Prime Minister of the moment. 'the name of the runway located; It is ironic that the 2020 Turkish GP completely eliminated the phrase 'Istanbul' on TV screens during the podium ceremony and introduced it as 'Intercity Park' and in fact constitutes a very striking example of 'how to play a role' in an organization.

In the race in 2020, it regrets the occupation of the public due to this unfortunate, unfounded and unnecessary statement made by the operating organization, which we did not mention in order not to overshadow the organization, but which could negatively affect the success of the organization, after six months after the race; In the upcoming period, if another opportunity comes to our country on behalf of Formula 1 due to the pandemic, we will continue to make the necessary initiatives before the FIA ​​and to undertake our duty as a federation, zamWe want to state that we will be ready at the moment.

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