The Secret of Longevity Solved


It is possible to reveal the congenital and genetic life potential of approximately 150 years with complementary treatments. Infinity Regenerative Clinic solves the secret of long life with unique restructuring and rejuvenation applications to revitalize the body and extend your life span.

Throughout its history, humanity has followed the trail of eternal youth, a healthy and long life, almost immortality. Traditional methods that ancient people used to look younger in ancient times open the doors of a long life with the modern medicine developing today. Infinity Regenerative Clinic focuses on the healthiest and longest life by integrating the most advanced techniques with thousands of years of oriental medicine.

Studies show that the human lifespan is actually 150 years. This lifetimezamIts decrease as well as the increase is shaped by our lifestyle, because 20 percent of our health is determined by genetic factors. Stating that we can protect the remaining 80 percent for a healthy and long life by avoiding bad living conditions, with correct planning and complementary treatments, Infinity Regenerative Clinic Chief Physician Dr. Yıldıray Tanriver, ''Renewing, expanding and life-extending cures and programs allow your body to regenerate healthily in accordance with its metabolic calendar. All our tissues and organs, including our skin, are repaired and our body is regenerated holistically. Thanks to the applications made periodically every year, a healthy life of more than 100 years can be real for all of us,'' he said, and listed 8 basic factors that can provide long life.

Stem cell therapy

All cells have different but complementary tasks. Our stem cells repair damaged tissues and replace other cells that routinely die. In stem cell treatments, the number of stem cells in all tissues and organs is increased, thus preventing premature aging by regenerating the body and restoring it to a healthy form.

DNA therapy

DNA, found in all living things on Earth, carries the genetic instructions necessary for the vital functions and biological development of all organisms and ensures the management of vital activities. With DNA therapy, damaged DNAs are repaired and diseases are treated at their source, opening the door to a healthy and long life.

Gene therapy

Through the codes they contain, genes have the ability to control all kinds of events that take place in your body with a sensitivity that can be considered as a remote control system. With gene therapy, mutations and anomalies in the genetic structure of the cell are corrected and the cells are repaired and renewed. With these treatments, the life span of genes can be extended by reactivating the natural and precise rules of self-renewal and repair.

Telomere therapy

Telomeres, similar to the plastic pieces at the ends of shoelaces, are located at the end of the DNA helix. Telomeres, whose biggest task is to protect chromosomes, also ensure that DNA is regenerated by dividing properly. With each renewal process of our cells, the length of telomeres gets shorter. When we come to the end and the telomeres are exhausted, our physiological life comes to an end. Therefore, when the rate of telomere shortening is slowed down, the shortened telomere length further increases again.zamWhen the vaccine is provided, diseases and aging are prevented and our life expectancy is extended.

Cardiovascular system health

The cardiovascular system, which consists of arteries, veins and capillaries integrated with the heart, balances body temperature, maintains the body's acid-base balance and regulates the pH level of the blood. Therefore, a healthy cardiovascular system prevents many potential health problems such as high blood pressure, atherosclerosis, heart attack and heart failure. Supporting the rhythmic working structure of the cardiovascular system increases the unique adaptation of the regeneration rate and continuity of vitality in tissues and cells and supports long life.

Blood quality

Eski zamWhile physicians in various civilizations emphasized the importance of cleaning the blood at the same time, today's research confirms that the circulation in the capillaries is of vital importance for how long a person will live. The blood, which has become dense with toxins, poisons and other harmful deposits, has decreased in quality and weakened, brings with it fatigue, old age and diseases. Increasing blood quality and enriching its content prevents many possible diseases and provides bodily regeneration and rejuvenation.

Vitamins and minerals

As we all know, in the last century, there have been dramatic decreases in the total nutritional value of foods due to reasons such as improper farming, genetically modified seed practices, and wrong cooking methods. Accordingly, there is an increase in diseases caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are vital for your body are complemented with the most effective method in the healing process and at the cellular level.

Oxidative stress and antioxidant capacity

Oxidative stress is defined as the disruption of the balance between free radical production and the antioxidant system. Oxidative stress caused by free radicals can pose life-threatening risks. For this reason, the oxidant and antioxidant balance must be preserved and maintained. According to your test results, you can have a healthier life by supporting your antioxidant defense system with personalized proactive and protective applications that will eliminate risk factors.

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