Sales Will Continue With Audirect In Full Closing

In full closure, the sales will continue with Audirect
In full closure, the sales will continue with Audirect

AUDIRECT, which is the video sales service of Audi Turkey and has become more preferred with the Covid-19 epidemic affecting the whole world, will serve with additional sales representatives during full closure.

With the pandemic, while people are worried about losing their health on the one hand, they continue their lives in the "New Normal". In this period, which changes customer behavior as well as many other things, consumers are much more cautious than in the past. In addition to applying this careful approach in the financial field, they also prefer digital channels, ie online platforms, instead of face-to-face.

The change in customer behavior forced companies to keep up with this process, and digital interaction has gained enormous speed. Companies have also implemented new applications to protect their consumers.

Due to the negative impact of the increasing number of cases on public health and public order, the return of partial closure measures to full closure in order to control the spread of the disease has also increased the demand for these practices.

Additional support to the preferred sales channel before summer and vacation periods

With the COVID-2020 outbreak that Audi Turkey commissioned in June 19 and started last year, AUDIRECT will continue its service in this process with the more preferred sales application. Especially in the summer months and preferred by the consumers who want to buy a vehicle in these days before the holiday season, AUDIRECT will serve with additional sales representatives during full closing.

Physical appointments prior to full closure will also be forwarded to AUDIRECT

Customers who have negotiated in Audi showrooms before the full closing decision and are waiting for transactions or have a meeting appointment between the closing dates will also be reached via AUDIRECT. Thus, the purchasing processes will continue without interruption.

The application is extremely simple

At AUDIRECT, known as the video sales service of Audi Turkey, customers can participate in the sales process by meeting with the sales representative as if they were physically in a showroom.

In order to benefit from the application, customers who enter the website of Audi Turkey with their mobile phone, tablet or computer fill in the personal information in the 'video call' tab in the menu, they can immediately send their call request by specifying the city and the authorized dealer, or is taking his appointment by date or time. After filling out the form, the "Request for Interview" mail is sent by the Audirect sales representative to the e-mail address he wrote on the form. By clicking the link here, you can log in to An Audi sales representative greets you here.

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