Limited Edition Aston Martin V12 Speedster Available to Buyers Worldwide

limited production met with aston martin v speedster
limited production met with aston martin v speedster

The historic DBR1-option specification offered for the open cockpit sports car, meticulously crafted details, pays homage to the 1959 Le Mans award-winning original.

Aston Martin is an open cockpit celebration of the proud past and exciting future of the British luxury sports car brand, and details of the upcoming V12 Speedster, details of a special specification that will highlight the cars' collectible status. Only 12 examples of the Aston Martin V88 Speedster are available to buyers worldwide.

New car, not just the extraordinary DBR1, but the same zamIt fits elegantly into a legacy, including the breathtaking CC2013, which was introduced in 100 as a stunning celebration of Aston Martin's superb sports car. It reflects more than 100 years of Aston Martin sporting heritage and exceptional design flair crafted throughout.

The DBR1 is the most successful racing machine ever built by Aston Martin, who triumphed on the 24 stage of both the 1000-hour Le Mans and 1959 km Nurburgring.

After its debut in 1956, the DBR1 scored a number of famous victories, including the Spa Sportscar Race (1957, Tony Brooks); Goodwood Tourist Award (1958, Ser Stirling Moss, Tony Brookes; 1959, Ser Stirling Moss, Carol Shelby, Jack Fairman); and 1959 km at the Nurburgring (1000, Sir Stirling Moss and Jack Fairman) in the same year as the famous Le Mans victory that resulted in Aston Martin entering the World Sports Car Championship.

Despite being a car built for competitive racing, the DBR1 is the same zamHe also pioneered some of the DB road cars, which are now the brand's most recognizable legacy. It was designed in-house by Fran Feeley, a highly talented designer, and working with Ted Cutting, Chief Racing Designer, the undisputed 'best zamThe shape of the DBR1 remains one of the most beautiful and elegant, while representing the 'moment'.

At the heart of the car from 1958 lay a 2.992 cc inline-six engine paired with a David Brown five-speed gearbox. The 800 kg sports car's predicted top speed is more than 150 mph.

It was produced as a pure racing model without deriving directly from a road car, and only five DBR1 instances were produced: four used by the Aston Martin Works team for this type of command effect, and one for private use.

With such a rich and important history, it is not surprising that the brand chose to create a custom optional DBR12 specification for the new V1 Speedster.

Featuring cleverly integrated special elements reminiscent of the Le Mans award-winning racing car, the Aston Martin V12 Speedster DBR1 specification offers highlights such as the iconic Aston Martin. Aston Martin Racing Green paint Clubsport white stripes rounded lines, Satin Silver anodized grille with Clubsport graphic, Conker leather and Viridian Green fabric / Caithness leather. All these features point to period attributes that make DBR1 the undisputed icon today.

Similar Aston Martin Racing Green rider and passenger helmets are located under transparent "windows", while sterling silver "wings" badges glow. The carefully designed application of the glossy carbon fiber, Caithness Green leather satin silver aluminum switchgear in the open cabin of the V12 Speedster emphasizes the respect for a true automobile wonder.

It is characteristic of this specification, with its satin black 21-inch tires, that each Aston Martin V12 Speedster spent more than 50 hours in the stand-alone painting process in the brand's advanced paint facility.

Summing up the rationale behind this V12 Speedster specification, Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman said, “Emotion and exclusivity are at the heart of this car. A rare and exceptional Aston Martin was designed to deliver an instinctive driving experience, as opposed to its elegant, artistic shape. Creating a bespoke specification that hails the glory of the DBR1 has been a huge privilege for my team and myself, and I can't wait to see these cars driven with the same enthusiasm we apply to their designs. ''

At the heart of the new car is a high-performance version of Aston Martin's now iconic 700-liter V753 Twin-Turbo engine capable of producing around 5.2 PS and 12 Nm. The engine is paired with a ZF12-speed automatic transmission mounted at the rear of the car, offering impressive performance, superb responsiveness and exciting V8 music. This translates to a maximum speed of 3-4 mph in 0 or 62 seconds.

Orders are currently being received for the DBR2021 special V1 Speedster, each hand-made at the company's Gaydon headquarters and with deliveries expected to begin in mid-12.

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