Color Trends of Automotive World Announced

Color trends of the automotive world announced
Color trends of the automotive world announced

Clariant introduces the world's first virtual Car Color Configurator. The innovation was announced with the Automotive Design Shades 2025 Trend Booklet. Clariant, a specialized, sustainable and innovative specialty chemical products company, shared the new Automotive Design Shades 2025 Trend Booklet.

It was stated that an interactive digital version of the Trend Booklet, published every two years, is also available for the first time this year. The Trend Booklet, which reveals that color preferences have become uniform throughout the world compared to 20 years ago thanks to globalization, revealed that the white color, which has been a pupil for 10 years without interruption, maintains the title of 'the most preferred color' in 2020. According to another data in the booklet, with the impact of COVID-19, people started to turn to colors that remind them of themes such as joy, beauty and cultural sharing.

Focusing on the theme of 'color meets culture', the 2025 Trend Booklet helps us discover the inspiration and emotion that colors bring to our lives, said Bernhard Stengel-Rutkowski, Technical Manager of Clariant Automotive Paint Division. We anticipate that bright tones and metal effects will stand out in a wide variety of color groups, ”he said.

Clariant listed these prominent color groups as follows; Renewed Every Day, with hues to delight during business travel, Value-oriented Culture with gentle colors for a peaceful and sustainable common existence on the planet, Fast and Curious with hues expressing open-mindedness and self-confidence, and groundbreaking, bold colors that refuse to follow Rainbow Bridge.

It helps to solve some of the difficulties encountered in dye formulas with Clariant's organic pigments and new technologies, which push the boundaries of traditional formula knowledge.

These challenges include the emergence of bright tones when combined with metallic effect pigments and colored organic pigments, or how to make dark colored vehicles better perceptible by LIDAR safety technology in autonomous vehicles using infrared reflections.

Colors at your fingertips

Along with the virtual version of the Clariant Trend Booklet, it also launches the brand new online and interactive Auto Color Configurator for the first time. In this way, customers are presented with a collection of 28 new trend color tones for automobile painting.

Making a statement on the subject, Stengel-Rutkowski said, “Trend colors can be selected in a virtual environment and applied to different car models, from sports cars to family-size vans, and they can also be displayed in very different environmental conditions such as neutral scenery, sunset, city view or infrared vision. To make this visualization possible, as Clariant, we scanned a painted panel and then converted the data obtained from it into a format suitable for the visualization software. "The Auto Color Configurator also allows users to collect their favorite colors in a personal brochure, without the need to share their personal data."

Clariant, which introduced the groundbreaking Automobile Color Configurator, has used its expertise in pigment and color formulas and carried the tones it obtained by following the trends to the digital environment.

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