Works Started for National Combat Aircraft Integration of National Ammunition

Studies have been initiated for the integration of the national ammunition developed within the scope of the contract signed between ASELSAN and TAI. Miniature Bomb, Intelligent Multi-Relief and Laser Guided Bomb ammunition, developed nationally within the scope of the project, will be integrated into the national warplane MMU.

HAVELSAN will use National Tactical Environment Simulation software in MMU project

HAVELSAN launched the FIVE-ML R&D Project, which will transform the National Tactical Environment Simulation (MTÇS) software developed within the scope of the T-129 ATAK Helicopter Simulator Project to increase the combat readiness of pilots and reduce their training costs, into an artificial intelligence-based infrastructure that learns from rule-based infrastructure. The National Tactical Environment Simulation software is also planned to be used within the scope of the National Combat Aircraft Project Operational Analysis.

National Combat Aircraft

The cooperation agreement between TAI and BAE Systems entered into force after signing on 25 August 2017. The main contract signed covers the pre-design phase, which is a part of the development and production process. During the period in question, it aims to develop aircraft, development of engineering, technology, test infrastructures and certification processes, and gain capability for combat aircraft design.

National Combat Aircraft

With the TF-X Project, it is aimed to meet the needs of the Air Force Command after the 2030s with a unique design model in the country. The domestic industryzamIt is planned to make the first flight in 2023 with the aim of completing the original design activities by using it at the I level. The responsibilities of the main companies that will take part in this project, which will bring many new capabilities to the Turkish Air Force with the TF-X, and which will enable our air force to step into a new era by leaving behind a milestone like the F-16, are as follows:

  • TAI: Body, design, integration and software.
  • TEI: Engine.
  • ASELSAN: AESA radar, EH, IFF, BEOS, BÜRFİS, smart cockpit, warning systems, RSY, RAM.
  • METEKSAN: National Data Link.
  • ROKETSANTUBITAK-SAGE ve MKEK: Weapon systems.

Source: defenceturk

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