Mercedes-Benz Türk Stands By Truck Customers With Convenient Service Campaigns

mercedes benz turk stands by truck customers with convenient service campaigns
mercedes benz turk stands by truck customers with convenient service campaigns

Mercedes-Benz Türk meets the expectations of its customers during and after sales, while providing the best services for their needs; same zamcontinues to expand its service and service diversity at the moment. While Mercedes-Benz Türk offers its products and services that guarantee superior performance and quality to its customers at affordable prices; continues to provide Mercedes-Benz quality service at its authorized services. The maintenance carried out in the authorized service is carried out by certified technicians with original parts in accordance with the standards.

No matter how reliable the Mercedes-Benz brand trucks in the old car park are, the costs that arise after long years of use are an important expense item for customers, especially when it comes to spare parts. At this point, Mercedes-Benz Türk offers the right parts at affordable prices with its "TruckParts" products. TruckParts products, which are determined, tested and approved according to Mercedes-Benz standards, are produced using alternative materials, without compromising safety. These products provide the quality and warranty of Mercedes-Benz at the best possible prices.

Stop safely with TruckParts

Within the scope of TruckParts, primarily brake pads and front and rear brake discs are offered to customers. TruckParts brake pads stand out as an economical alternative to Mercedes-Benz original brake pads. TruckParts brake discs, on the other hand, reduce kinetic energy rapidly and guarantee a long service life.

Special prices for those who prefer TruckParts

Those who come to Mercedes-Benz Turkish Authorized Services for TruckParts parts can also benefit from special priced maintenance packages other than brake group replacement. Maintenance kits made of “Maintenance + brake pad” including workmanship, “Maintenance + brake pad + front brake discs” and “Maintenance + brake pad + rear brake discs” are offered at Mercedes-Benz Türk Authorized Services participating in the campaign at attractive prices.

Special offer for vehicles with expired warranty

Mercedes-Benz Türk resumed its maintenance campaign, which it has recently offered to its customers, as of April, due to the intense demand from customers. Axor and Actros users with OM457 and OM501 engines can benefit from this campaign prepared for elderly vehicles in the vehicle park. With this campaign, where original spare parts and authorized service experience are offered at affordable prices, 5 filter and engine oil changes can be made for 2.450 TL, including labor and VAT at authorized services.

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