Lexus Pushing the Boundaries of Technology for Flawless Paint

lexus pushing the limits of technology for flawless paint
lexus pushing the limits of technology for flawless paint

Premium car manufacturer Lexus applies its innovative approach to every aspect of the car. Premium car manufacturer Lexus applies its innovative approach to every aspect of the car. Considering that the vehicle design and the paint of the vehicle are two extremely important qualities to create the first impression, Lexus combines elegant L-finesse design with new paint technologies.

Aiming to produce paint quality in accordance with its unique design, Lexus does not only offer paint that appeals to the eye, but also zamIt ensures that the paint applied to the vehicle at the moment is long-lasting.

The first important results in Lexus' search for the perfect body paint were obtained in the Cosmo Silver colors used in 2003. This paint, which offers a much brighter and more fluid aluminum appearance compared to metallic paints, is the first zamIt was used in the current LS model.

Another revolution with self-healing paint

Premium brand's unique paint technology, same zamit also made a difference with the paint that heals itself at the same time. Produced by Lexus for the first time, this paint self-destructs scratches caused by washing or external factors. With Lexus engineers making a paint coating that is softer and more flexible than normal, scratches of the paint can be closed by themselves in hot weather with the sun.

In addition, the body paint, which makes Lexus models impressive at first glance, creates a metallic reflection that offers a mirror-like shine and smoothness that creates strong deep contrasts.

High-level visuality with more environmentally friendly sonic paint

The new sonic paint technology developed by Lexus, along with the multi-layer paint technique, was completed with a five-year development program. Thanks to this technique, paint layers with a thickness of only 12 microns can be applied on the vehicle. Thus, the aluminum particles in the paint can be placed with greater precision. The multi-layer paint applied meticulously by Takumi masters creates a different shine and shadows on the Lexus bodywork.

Although the sonic painting process requires more labor, it stands out as more environmentally friendly with less need for baking in the drying process.

One of Lexus' most prominent paints lately is the blue "Structural Blue" developed in technology centers in the USA and Japan. This Organic Blue paint has been made over 15 years of development. This paint was inspired by the Blue Morpho butterflies known for their shimmering and deep blue colors on their wings.

Conventional paints reflect the incident light by less than 50 percent, while this ratio increased to almost 100 percent in Structural Blue paint. With the special painting process in this color, more than two cars cannot be painted in one working day. This particular paint was used in the LC Structural Blue Edition of the LC Coupe.

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