Labeling Automation Benefits The Automotive Industry

labeling automation benefits the automotive industry
labeling automation benefits the automotive industry

With the robotic labeling systems established specifically for the automotive industry, slowdowns and stops in the lines are prevented and the quality standard is achieved.

The biggest gains of automotive companies that switch to robotic labeling system are the savings in label - stock costs and catching the standard in quality. With robotic tagging; Without the need to slow down the product on the conveyor belt, the advantages of sticking the labels in the correct positions, flexible production and zero labeling errors are provided.


ZamCompanies can automate their systems even with a small robot in production processes, where catching the standard in quality is one of the biggest advantages apart from the moment and labor efficiency.

With robotic labeling, flexibility and quality standards are achieved in the automotive industry, where many functions such as welding, internal logistics, painting and labeling are integrated.

With two and multi-axis robots, it is possible to label different points on different surfaces as well as labeling without stopping the product on the conveyor belt. Thus, slowing down and stoppages in the lines are prevented. In this case, with robotic labeling zamEfficiency is ensured in the moment and workmanship.

NOVEXX SOLUTIONS, which carries out successful projects for leading companies in the sector such as Federal Mogul, Delphi, Mutlu Akü and İnci Akü, becomes a solution partner in labeling with projects specially developed for companies in the automotive sector.

Meet the automotive projects of NOVEXX SOLUTIONS, which has been serving in the Turkish market for more than 50 years.

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